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Jason Mraz and James Morrison in Vegas: Less Than a Week Away!

The Pearl Theater

The Pearl Theater at the Palms Casino

I can’t wait to head to Vegas on Friday.

Jason Mraz and James Morrison all in one show? It’s going to be phenomenal. Or at least I hope it will be. I try not to have high expectations about live shows because you just never know if someone is going to have an off night, but no matter how much I try to dampen my excitement for this show, I can’t help but think it’s going to be incredible.

I really hope someone is taping it for archive.org.

Who else is going? Anyone want to meet up for a drink before the show? Around 10:00? I don’t know the Palms at all, but there must be a bar near the Pearl Theater. Looks like the Island Bar is close-ish. Leave me a note and we’ll work something out.


I’m Back… And Going to Vegas

If you ever have a chance to be in a gay parade, do it.

If you ever have a chance to be in a gay parade, do it.

Hello. I’m Stateside again, got back last Friday and have spent this week trying to keep my eyes open at work.

I had a fantastic trip – not quite as crazy as the traveling I did a few years ago – but saw some great sights, met a lot of wonderful people from all over, and heard enough Mraz wafting through shop doors and passing cars to keep me tied to reality.

I had two weeks in New Zealand and then four days in Sydney, just enough time to see some friends and participate in the Mardi Gras parade there. It was crazy, but tons of fun. The men were all gorgeous, and even though they were only checking each other out, my friends and I had a blast just dancing around and enjoying all the positive energy. 

While I was away I saw the comments about “I’m Yours” being used in a commercial, and sure enough, over the weekend as I lounged around and caught up on episodes of “Lost” and “Heroes” and “Chuck” I heard it at least a dozen times. It’s weird, but I support anything that makes Jason a little money and gives him enough cred with the record company types who decide how much freedom he’ll have on his next projects. Keep the money men happy and I’m sure you wind up with a lot more independence and room to play.

I bought a ticket for the May 9th Jason Mraz-James Morrison show in Vegasand I’m really excited. Feeling a little guilty about spending money that I should be saving, but we got bonus checks yesterday, and while they aren’t anywhere close to AIG figures, it gives me a little bit to play with. I still have to book my hotel and flights, but I’m hoping another friend or two will decide to come along with me.

Viva Las Vegas,