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New Jason Mraz Journal Entry

In this latest entry, our Prophet asks, among other things, “When was the last time you sat and thanked gravity for the rain or skydiving?” I’ll admit, it’s been awhile.

Mosey over to and ponder his words for now, mine are taking a break. I’m off to see the Mars Volta, a group with some crazy words of their own. Maybe I’ll share a few tomorrow. 

Make honey and pollinate,


Safe and Sound… in Kuwait

Continuing on my post from yesterday, my friend, Jane, made it to Kuwait today. She’s posted her first report, and in true Jane fashion found plenty to say, just from her hours on the airplane and a trip to the army dining hall:

Whether or not you agree with her, I hope you admire her moxie. We need more chicks with moxie.

In lighter news, our Prophet Mraz has changed up his myspace photo again. He’s wearing a hat in this one, which makes me wonder if it’s because he’s afraid more people will start writing about his hair.


Mrazturbation Times a Thousand

I can be so damn shallow. Here I am, going on about Harry Potter – it’s the last book, I’m going to be bummed when I get to the last page, wah wah wah, it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to – and on the homepage of, the site of the San Francisco Chronicle, is a very thorough story about my friend, Jane Stillwater, who is 64 and on her way to Iraq. Just because she thinks she should go.Jane Stillwater

Talk about following your bliss – picking one thing a day you can do to make you a better you, to improve your life and the lives of those around you – Jane has raised the Mrazturbation stakes big time. Just smack me now and call me selfish.

Let me give you a little background on Jane. She and I worked together at my last job where we shared affection for Lost and chocolate and Bush jokes. She is an old-school, madcap Berkeley hippie who has spent her life fighting for change and justice and running off doing wild things, as this article details. 

Jane is all guts and big ideas and so when she first mentioned a couple of months ago that she was trying to get embedded in Iraq I brushed it off as something that was more than a whim, but smaller than a plan. For one thing, I thought getting into Iraq would be impossible if you weren’t working for CNN or another major player, so I figured the logistics would be insurmountable. Not for Jane.

Last week I got an email saying she would be headed to Kuwait on the 28th, even though her credentials hadn’t been settled by the DoD, and she would have to wait there until they gave her the green light. She also asked if anyone happened to have some Kevlar body armor she could borrow, just in case.

My first thought was, “Ohmygod she really did it!” Next I thought, “I hope she makes it back safe. It is a war zone after all.” And then I just settled into awe. Everyone I know has something to bitch about, whether it’s traffic or rising housing costs or the way the newspaper boy throws the paper under my car every single morning so I have to practically crawl under the damn hood to reach it… deep breath… but almost nobody ever does anything to change it.

Well Jane is doing something, and it’s a much bigger something than even the hundreds of blogs she’s written about the war. She’s headed right into the thick of it, and I have the feeling that even if she spends all three weeks in the airport in Kuwait, she’ll have a hell of a story to tell when she gets back.

Read the full article:

The Art of Harry Potter

I apologize. Yesterday I tried and tried to write something about Jason Mraz. It should be easy. I could write about the songs of Jason Mraz, the lyrics of Jason Mraz, how great Mraz is live, especially when it’s just him and his guitar doing the acoustic thing, or I could try to eek out another hundred words on his hair.

But I’ll confess – I’ve certainly admitted to worse on here – all I could do all day was study the new Harry Potter covers that were released and look for clues. It didn’t help that my boss was the one who sent me the link to the images and came by to help me analyze them. Yep, I get paid to goof off like this. It’s fun working for a book geek.

Thinking about the last Harry Potter book makes me a little sad. I could easily pound out a couple thousand words for you on all my theories and what I think will happen, but in the end all that matters is that it’s the end. With any kind of art you can make the argument that the work is a living thing, that each new generation will continue to interpret and experience and appreciate it in a new way, so that the process is never really over.

Take your favorite Mraz song, for example, (I knew I could make this work!) The way you felt when you first heard it is probably very different from the comfortable way you feel after the hundredth playing, where it feels like an old friend. A love song sounds much different when you’re in love than after you’ve just broken up. And the meaning and interpretation of other songs can change depending on context – reflecting current events, commenting on political situations, being used as the theme song on a crappy WB, er CW, teen drama. Poor Paula Cole was never quite the same after the Creek.

And it’s true that maybe someday I’ll have kids and we’ll read about Harry and Ron and Hermione and it will all seem new to me through their eyes. But. I’ll know how it ends. After July 21, 2007, the sense of mystery and anticipation will be gone.

At least until the movie comes out.

New Jason Mraz Tour Dates!

Myspace has them, but doesn’t. Strange.

And myspace says:

Jason will be playing 2 shows: April 12 – Lincoln, NE and April 22 -Buffalo, NY. Check out the tour dates section for more info! Tickets for Lincoln are onsale now and Buffalo will go onsale April 4th. 

It really bothers me that they didn’t write out “two shows” at the beginning. And that “onsale” has become one word. I’m such a word geek.

But Can Mraz Mambo?

I’ve been ansy in my car for the past few weeks so I’ve been alternating CDs between the Raconteurs, Lily Allen, the Gorillaz, and the White Stripes. Yesterday though I finally came home to the E Minor EP in F and it felt cozier than any pair of slippers, more nourishing than even the best chicken noodle soup.

It seemed especially appropriate as I sang along to “Galaxy” this morning because I was having very deep thoughts about a quickstepping Apolo Ohno. If you saw Dancing With the Stars last night then you witnessed how well that boy can move his feet, and not just around a big oval. And yes, I did start to feel a little guilty for falling into the reality tv trap, but I love dancing and I would feel worse if I was some sicko who was really entertained by five straight hours of blood, torture and heinous crimes on Crime Scene & Order.

Back to the galaxy o’fancy footwork. You may have read a post I wrote a while back where I theorized that Jason Mraz is great in bed because he has soul and rhythm – two key ingredients to any romantic encounter. Well I think Apolo may easily fall into that list as well. I can’t wait to see him swing.

The stars began to shake and dance,

Jason Mraz Has No Secrets

When I started playing with a system of beliefs based on the music and writings of Jason Mraz, I thought it would be fun just because it was all so tongue-in-cheek. Not that it’s that crazy of an idea – serious, multi-billion dollar religions have been based on much less *coughcoughmormonscoughcough*. But all of the guidelines I set out were about common sense more than anything. And who needs to buy into a well-marketed cult to be taught common sense, right? And that’s where I always overestimate the general public.

Enter “The Secret”, the shoddy, cheesy video and accompanying paraphernalia that promises to teach you the way to acquire wealth and goods and better jobs and anything else you can’t figure out how to do yourself. The website says, “For the first time in history, the world’s leading scientists, authors, and philosophers will reveal The Secret that utterly transformed the lives of every person who ever knew it… Plato, Newton, Carnegie, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Einstein.”

Uh, first time in history? Hardly. The big secret isn’t a secret at all. If you’ve walked through your life with your eyes and ears open then you’ve been told The Secret many times, in many forms, in many venues. And you don’t have to have a fancy degree or be a genius to figure it out. My mom knows it. Your mom knows it. Mr. Rogers told it to you every time you visited his neighborhood. Miss Manners and kindergarten teachers live by it.

It’s called Do Unto Others. It’s called Karma. It’s called the Golden Rule. It’s called Don’t Be the One Person Who Ruins It for Everybody Else. It’s called Not Being an Ass to Your Fellow Human Beings. And it’s been around forever and ever.

What it comes down to is this: If you walk around with a smile on your face, a spring in your step, a (Jason Mraz) song in your heart, and a positive attitude about what you can accomplish, people will respond positively to that. You’ll be someone that others want to be around. They will appreciate you, they will respect you, they will wish good things for you. You will attract other positive people. Plus, it’s just good form to treat your fellow man with kindness and respect.

But if you wallow through life bitching and moaning and complaining about how things never work out for you and you try to get ahead by stabbing others in the back, you’ll attract the same kind of nastiness to you. People will avoid you rather than help you and you’ll slowly poison all of your relationships. You don’t have to buy a book to figure that out, you just have to watch A Christmas Carol, or Scrooged, or any variation thereof.

These Keepers of the Un-Secret aren’t saying anything new, they’re just charging for it (be sure to visit the Secret Superstore!) whereas other institutions, from the Buddhists to the Children’s Television Workshop, have been giving the same advice away free for years. Apparently Americans think anything they have to pay for (unused gym memberships, bad financial advice, bulk anything) is way better than something they can get for free (a walk around the block, decency, a library card).

Also, the Secretives are promising more than just some lousy happiness and good health. They’re promising expensive, shiny things. You want that necklace in the window? Well think about it lots and lots, and eventually some guy will buy it for you. Because you deserve it just for being you, and not because of anything you’ve actually accomplished.

There are plenty of pro-Secret and anti-Secret sites out there. Do your own research, make up your own mind. But never again will I feel silly for making up a faith based on the Curbside Prophet Mraz and his message of groovy geekiness and living in the moment and enjoyment of sex (I don’t think I included that before, but I just suddenly decided it should be important) when other people are paying good money for the magic secret to getting a new car or losing weight.

Maybe we have something in common with the Jedi people after all.

A new song like a new religion,