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Jason Mraz Makes Tasty Kitchen Noises

Jason MrazHave you had a good listen to Jason’s myspace page lately? The MySpace Theme is still there, and still awesome, but there’s some new stuff as well. Have a listen to Good Orderly Direction and get into the late 70s/early 80s, synthesized Rapper’s Delight-esque vibe. Do I have that about right? Someone more musically literate is free to correct me.

I love playing a new Mraz song and having no idea how it’s going to sound, what genre it might fall into, or what mood it’s going to create. Most performers and artists have such a set-in-stone sound, or style, or formula, you hardly ever get to be surprised. One melting Dali clock is much like another, and if you’ve seen one quirky, whimsical Cirque du Soleil show, you’ve seen them all. But I’ve seen Mraz in sticky clubs and historic concert halls and vineyard amphitheaters, sometimes with a full band and sometimes with nothing but his voice. He never disappoints, he’s never predictable, and he never gives you the same thing twice.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll write in haiku.

I’ll take the blame but not all of it,


With Jason Mraz, It *Is* Easy Being Green

Jason Mraz shirtThe new flower shirt is up for sale in the Mraz store. It’s pretty cute. Except for the guy one. That’s not cute – it’s super macho, if by super macho you mean it looks like something that Zac Efron kid would wear with his Moondoggie hair all shaggy in his startling blue eyes. Meh. I’d take freckly, ginger-headed Rupert over him anyday.

I got a raise this week, so let’s go shopping!

Uh, This Isn’t Going to Be About Jesus, Is It?

Yes, Homer, yes it is… sorta. And Alyssa Milano, and truckers, and mrazturbation. Bushwalla is there too.

Jason Mraz

How many other singers could pull off a street performance of this quality and level of entertainment, in Denmark, in the cold and wet? Probably fewer than 20. Certainly no more than 50 or 60. (Kidding. It would be, like, 15, max.)

Dis-enslave us,

Huge Mraz Myspace Announcement!

Mraz stickersNo, he hasn’t been crowned Emperor of the Audiotantric Rhythm Nation. He hasn’t even posted new tour dates. There’s just a new shirt in the store. It has a flower on it. Yep. A flower shirt. Sooo… I guess it’s more of a medium-sized announcement. Hope I didn’t get your hopes up too high.

Anyway, if you’re desparate for some new Mraztubationwear:

NEW Flower Logo Tee Pre-Order Starts Tomorrow!
Go green with our NEW Flower Logo Tee! This soft and snug tee will be available for pre-order starting on Thursday August 30th. If you purchase this shirt by September 7th you will receive a FREE Surprise Gift!
Click here to start shopping!

I don’t love all of the Mraz t-shirt designs, but at least they’re different from your usual tacky band shirts that have huge photos and the band or performer’s name scrawled across your chest. I once had enough gaudy New Kids On the Block shirts to go two weeks without a repeat. And at least supporting our Prophet is a better cause than supporting Hollister or the GAP or whatever other brands kids nowadays use their bodies to advertise for free.

This new shirt is so top-secret there’s not even an image of it in the store yet. I put up a picture of some stickers instead.

Did someone say New Kids on the Block? No, I didn’t think so.

David Tennant Hip-to-Be-Square Icons

Tennant black and whiteI remember way back in the late 90s when icons only came in one size – small little AIM-compatible squares. With blogging came bigger squares and more opportunities for users to devote hours and hours to making them pretty and funny and worthy of trading or stealing.

Which is my long way of saying: Here are some more lovely David Tennant icons I found. These are Doctor Who related, but I’ve seen other equally gorgeous ones that aren’t. I can’t track down the source for each, but I started at our old friend ivydoor, then went over to svanderslice, and from there went to visit ramblinsuze and phanviola_icons, who seem to be the creators of some really excellent work. Visit all of these friends for more square fun.

Rose and the Doctor   David Tennant   Tennant foot 

Jason Mraz Goo… Lash. Goulash.

Jason Mraz hatIn case you didn’t know, the Internet is really big. There’s a lot of stuff out there, and I’m finding new gems all the time. Par example, take a look at this long docu-comedy about the beginnings and middles of our Curbside Prophet Mraz, courtesy of Music Choice and whoever posted it online:

It’s a journey back in time, to about 2003, when a young Jason sits in a cheap motel talking about how he went from Virginny to Java Joe’s (which I had never seen before and which was much bigger than I pictured it when listening to all the recordings from those days). Jason continues his show-and-tell in a studio, in a lake, in a van, in bed, and in many different hats. As stated last week, I love those hats.

Mraz says lots of fun things, and I particularly enjoyed hearing about the dream he once had where Paul McCartney called him “the son I never had”. Last week when I posted the video of Jason in Sweden I noticed that in profile, holding his guitar and singing and smiling, he looked an awful lot like a young, Hard Day’s Night-era McCartney, and I spent much too much of my work day trying to find photos to prove it. You’d think that with the billions of web pages out there, at least one would have a photo of young Paul McCartney in profile, smiling, but no joy.

This video also has a scene with Dave Matthews watching Jason and joining him on stage in a parking lot, plus shots of other musicians he toured with along the way. Treat yourself and download a little fun today.

Change is coming, baby,

Mraz Spotting

I’m doing a little weekend email catch-up, paying bills, and channel surfing. Just saw our own Jason Mraz on one of VH1’s many “Best of” shows – Best Songs of the 80s, I think. First he sang a line from New Edition’s Candy Girl, hitting those high notes just fine, and a minute ago he said how much he enjoys the lyrics from R.E.M.’s It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine):

Smoke ’em if you got ’em
It’s the end of the world
And I feel fine

I used to listen to R.E.M. all the time. I’m not sure why I don’t anymore. Ooh, and Depeche Mode. Some of the songs on this countdown should have stayed in the 80s, but there are others that just make me hungry for more.

Mraz again! He says, “I slow skated my ass off” to the Foreigner song I Want to Know What Love Is. That rocks. Do kids slow skate anymore? Do they skate at all? Do they only do Wii sports?

Straight up now tell me,