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Jason Mraz Wins Two Grammys! And Nobody Sees It

Figures, right? Jason gets a little recognition from the music industry, but it happens during the untelevised portion of the show. Ah, well.

Mraz wins a Grammy

Jason won Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for “Make It Mine”, which is a bit surprising considering I don’t think it’s gotten much radio time and I can’t believe many Grammy voters have ever heard the song. He beat out John Legend, Maxwell (I had no idea he was still around), Seal and Stevie Wonder. Not a shabby group of nominees.

He also won Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals for “Lucky” with Colbie Caillat, which isn’t surprising at all, because that’s on the radio all the time.

I believe the untelevised bits were streamed live online, but I can’t find a photo or video clip of any of this. (Was Jason even at the show?) If you know of one, please send it my way. His own website is useless for that kind of thing.

Wait. I found some:

Jason Mraz on the red carpet. And hey! Weird Al! (Video)

Jason Mraz gets interviewed by Nick Cannon. “Concentrated like orange juice.” (Video)

Jason Mraz gets interviewed by Justin Guarini. (I can’t believe that guy is still around.) (Video)

Jason Mraz wins Best Male Pop Vocal. (Article)

Is that Kramer hair, or Lyle Lovitt? Ooh! Neither. That’s Giovanni Ribisi in “The Wonder Years”. Check it out:

Whatever. Jason makes it all his own.

I’m following your joy,

Update 2/4/10: Here’s a little more Mraz Grammy coverage:

Jason is interviewed for the Jay Leno Show while chewing a lot of gum . (“He just won two Grammys and he looks like he just woke up from a nap.”)

And, of course, Jason’s blog about Grammy night.


Jason Mraz: Big Grammy Loser

Jason and Mama Mraz

Jason and Mama Mraz

It’s cool though, right? I mean, the fact he even got nominated blew me away, and he got some decent screen time and his mom seemed happy to be there. He looked really tan and healthy too, which is good since he’s about to start touring like a crazed man again.

And John Mayer twittered Jason a compliment. At least I think it’s a compliment. You just never know with John Mayer, and sarcasm is really hard to express in twitter form:
Best Pop Male Vocal!! I wanna share it with Mraz. His is a really special performance. Hands are shaking, about to play some R and B!!

I’m sure there’s more to write about last night, but I can’t really move my neck right now and typing is killing me. Should be a good day at work.

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Mraz Article: San Diego Union-Tribune

arts-mrazJust found this new interview. It was in Sunday’s San Diego Union-Tribune. Nothing earth-shattering in the article, unless the news that Jason Mraz keeps his awards in his bathroom is something that will keep you up at night.

Keep an eye out for more pre-Grammy articles about Jason. It’s almost like people know who he is now. Crazy, hmm?

Jason Mraz: Grammy Nominee?

grammyWell here’s something I never thought would happen. “I’m Yours” was nominated for a Grammy for both Song of the Year and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. I wouldn’t have known except Maureen was kind enough to leave a comment for me with the news.

It’s funny, because this morning I read an article at SFGate.com about how this year’s poor field of nominees in all categories was a sign of how terribly dull music has become, and I thought, “What a shame that Jason will never be popular enough to get any kind of award.”

Then I thought it really wasn’t that much of a shame, because do we really want him lumped in with Justin Timberlake and the Jonas Brothers?

And now I find out that he was nominated, but of course it’s for a song that’s a few years old, and isn’t nearly as good as most of what he’s done. (In my opinion. Others are free to disagree.)

Still, it’s exciting to see him get some kind of recognition. And maybe he’ll show up at the awards barefoot.

Update, 12/6/08: Turns out Jason actually got three nominations. I didn’t see the one for Best engineered album (non-classical), but Maureen is on top of things for us. Thanks!

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