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Jason Mraz at Aaron’s Ampitheater at Lakewood, Atlanta, August 18, 2012: Set List

Pretty good seats.

Wow, has it really been two years since I got creative on this blog? Amazing.

So after not seeing Mr. Mraz for a very long time I made plans to fly from San Francisco to Atlanta to visit a friend and take her to her first Mraz show. We hit massive rain on the way there Saturday night, but the skies cleared up just as we got to the venue, and it turned into a decent night for a show. Still hot and humid by my California standards, but delightful compared to the days before that.

Jason walked out all cool and casual to introduce Christina Perri, and I’ve always liked that about him. He doesn’t need to make a big rock star entrance, he’s just a guy, hanging out, waiting to play. And he likes to say nice things about the friends he plays with.

I only knew Perri from the “Twilight” song, and I didn’t expect to like her, but she rocked a lot harder than I thought she would. Her set was a good time.

Jason and band took the stage around 8:45, and the new lineup still looks weird to me. I miss Eric Hinojosa and Adam King. And it’s weird to see someone other than Toca next to Jason, but then the Grooveline Horns do a great job, and the chick who’s filling Toca’s shoes was pretty bad ass. She had a ton of energy and was really fubn to watch.

The set list:

1. Remedy
2. Living in the Moment
3. Plane (Possibly the best live version I’ve heard him do, or I was just so happy to hear it live I forgot past versions. This one had a beatbox beginning that I really liked.)
4. Be Honest
5. Only Human (In my dream set, he’d swap this out for “Coyotes”, but what can you do?)
6. Lucky
7. Sleeping to Dream (Woo hoo! Old stuff! And as if that wasn’t good enough, he followed it with…)
8. Tonight, Not Again (At this point, almost everyone in front of me sat down because they didn’t know it, which is a shame, because Mraz rocked its socks off. If you want a song with a … climax… this is it.)

Chatting with the audience about what he’s learned about love. “Love is simply… sharing.” Which leads us into

9. Frank D. Fixer
10. The Woman I Love
11. Please Don’t Tell Her
12. A Beautiful Mess
13. 93 Million Miles
14. You Fckn Did It (with Mona, the female Toca)
15. I’m Coming Over/ The Hidden Track (This was done with Jason sitting in a chair and the rest of the band gathered around him, like they were playing in his living room or something. Lovely.)

Jason and friends playing “I’m Coming Over”

Mraz feet.

And then Jason introduces his super band, who tonight are known as “Fellopian Voice”.

Next, someone in the crowd shouts a question at him as he takes a drink between songs. “What’s in the jug?” he repeats. “Tears.”

16. Butterfly
17. Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours
18. I’m Yours (Didja see that coming? Didja?) with the Three Little Birds bit and singalong at the end

19. Distance (with Christina Perri – it’s on her album “Lovestrong”)
20. I Won’t Give Up

I was really happy to hear the older songs and thought the night was a good mix of his work. He has such a huge catalog now that you’ll never get to hear everything you want, but this show came pretty close.

You are A.W.E.S.O.M.E.,