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Grateful to Be Home… Mostly

Hi. I’m back. Nice to see you again.

Where was I? Lots of places. In two weeks I hit London, Munich, Salzburg, Cologne and Brussles, then flew out of Frankfurt. I came back physically exhausted, but emotionally refreshed. It’s nice to get a little distance from your normal life every now and then.

Looks like Jason was also busy travelling around while I was away. I have some of his blogs and news to catch up on. I’d also love to hear how the free San Diego show was from anyone who was there.

Unlike my trip to New Zealand earlier this year, I didn’t hear “I’m Yours” in every cafe, souvenir shop and taxi. I didn’t hear it even once, actually. I did see a poster for Raphael Saadiq in London, which was a nice reminder of last month’s show in Murphys, but nothing with Mraz on it.

gratitude-journalNear the end of my trip, I enjoyed an afternoon at the Museum Ludwig in Cologne. I was a little bummed about having to pack up and come home soon, so I was doing my best to make the most of each day, despite my blisters and sore back (I really need to learn to pack lighter).

In the museum gift shop, I was picking out a few postcards when I saw this little orange book. The cover said “Gratitude: A Journal“. I guess gratitude is a hot commodity right now. I didn’t buy it – I figure I can be grateful for free, or at least for less than $15 – but it was a good reminder to be happy for the vacation time I had rather than annoyed that I didn’t have more.

I’m also grateful for the 12 pounds of chocolate I brought home from Belgium, as are my coworkers.

Dear x-ray machine, pretend you don’t know me so well,


Jason Mraz Eats Apples Whole! No Peeling!

Jason Mraz on YouTubeWhatcha think? Did that headline sound sufficiently crazed-fan? Did you get the feeling that I was about to breathlessly report all the fascinating details of Jason’s daily fruit and veg intake? That I would go on to reveal how often he eats fish or pork or Krispy Kremes? Right now I’m picturing the episode of “Monk” with Sarah Silverman. If you’re not, it’s ok. Just move on. Don’t try to keep up with my tangents.

I’d write more, but I suddenly have to leave the room. Watch Part 5 of the Crazy Man’s JuJu.

Jason Mraz outs his cat! (Hee. Tabloid-style writing is silly.)

Mraz Blogs Again

London UndergroundThere’s a point where “tired” turns to “weary”. I hit that point about three days ago and haven’t slept much since. I thought it was because of my bad late-night habits and aversion to mornings, but now I think it might be sympathy insomnia for Jason Mraz. He’s in London, and he’s tired. He also likes penguins. You catch up with his freshnessfactorfivethousand blog, I’m going to update my Netflix queue.

My Chi also kicks ass,