Jason Mraz at Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco, August 26, 2014: Set List

Night two in San Francisco!

It started again with Jason coming out sans fanfare to say ‘hey’ to the crowd. But this time he was wearing a cape, which was fantastic.


It's Guitar Man!

It’s Guitar Man!

Then some lady up front (not me) shouted that she wanted to cut his hair, which was weird, and he delicately sidestepped the offer by saying he’d just recently gotten it all cut off, partly because he was tired of people thinking he was Kenny G.

He should sell these at the merch booth. It would be a popular Halloween costume.

He should sell these at the merch booth. It would be a popular Halloween costume.

Then he introduced the ladies of Raining Jane, and they played these three songs on their own:

A World That’s Made for Me and You
No Fear/You’re Enough? (Not sure what this one is called.)
Love Is a Battlefield


Then Jason returned, this time with lights and fog and the whole bit, and he and the Janes skipped the older stuff they’d done the night before and led off with these songs:

Hello, You Beautiful Thing
A Beautiful Mess – Before this one Jason was talking about how great it is to see so many people together, looking in one direction. Then he clarified, “We’re not One Direction. We’re the other direction.”
I Won’t Give Up – Jason called this one, not a break up song, but a save up song, for when you’re trying to save the relationship.
You Can Rely On Me

All Dialed In – This one he introduced by talking about some of the environmental type books he’d been reading at the time, like “The World Without Us” by Alan Weisman.
The Woman I Love
Out of My Hands – “This is in case the woman totally freaks out on you and leaves you. You tried your best.”
3 Things
Back to the Earth

The crowd is riveted.

The crowd is riveted.

– Intermission –

Lucky (with the “Sweet Child ‘o Mine” guitar riff) –> Set Adrift on Memory Bliss –> Enjoy the Silence
Long Drive –
Done with a lucky audience member sitting next to him, driving an imaginary car.
93 Million Miles

Love Someone
Song for a Friend

Mona makes me want to dance, too.

Mona makes me want to dance, too.

Bottom of the Sea – For the kids album he may someday do, and set to a video of the trip he and Mona took to Antarctica, when he had the Kenny G hair. The best part was that it took them three tries to play the right chords, and then to get the video to sync with their playing. It’s fun when people aren’t perfect.

Jason Mraz on a boat in Antarctica. Not, luckily, at the bottom of the sea.

Jason Mraz on a boat in Antarctica. Not, luckily, at the bottom of the sea.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow ->I’m Yours
It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday


By the end of the evening I was so glad I went to both San Francisco shows. The first night we got “1,000 Things”, “Dynamo”, “Make it Mine” and “Details in the Fabric” and he didn’t play any of those the second night, but we did get more new stuff.

I’m headed to New York in a few weeks, not for the whole Five Burroughs tour, but for one night at Radio City Music Hall. Can’t wait to see what a New York Mraz crowd is like.

To float your boat is what I’m hoping,


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