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Some Mraztastic Wedding Blessings

One of the excellent services provided by wordpress is that it shows you all the search terms people use to find your blog. Once, for example, someone came here after searching for “how to make a mold of a buttcheek”. Best. Search phrase. Ever. I can’t believe I had a post that sort of matched it.

At least once a day though, someone gets here after searching for “Jason Mraz wedding blessings” or “Gibran marriage quotes” or “Mraz wedding song” or something along those lines. As my public service for the week, here’s a little information to help those who want to include a little Jason Mraz, or Kahlil Gibran, when planning their nuptials.

If you are looking for the song Jason Mraz wrote for his sister’s wedding, it’s called God Rests in Reason, although some people have it tagged God Moves Through You. A live version is on Selections for Friends, or you can have a look through for other versions; I’ve posted the lyrics below. It’s a great song, even if his sister wound up divorced.

The ProphetThe lyrics from that song are based on the book The Prophet, “one of the beloved classics of our time,” according to the dust jacket, and dust jackets are never wrong. It was written by Kahlil Gibran, a poet, philosopher and artist, 1883-1931.

There are a lot of great lines in the book that could be used for a wedding ceremony, as evidenced by the episode of The Wonder Years where Karen has her hippie wedding with Ross Gellar and mom Norma reads this passage:

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

And so on. To all of you planning your weddings: Enjoy the book, enjoy the music, enjoy your marriage, and enjoy a happy, healthy, highly Mrazturbationatory life together.

God Rests in Reason

you were born together
and together ye shall be forever
until death should scatter
it wouldn’t matter in the memory of God above
let the wind of heaven dance between you too
allow the space and time to bring you closer to everlasting love
cause God moves
what do you do
God moves through you

when love beckons
his ways are often hard and steep
when his wings unfold
ye yield to all he speaks
the soul it might be hidden there among his pinions
oh you may wear a wound that truly spoke to you
believe in all that voice and follow through
follow so on and on

what do you do when God moves through you
what do you do
say i do
i do

just remember love possesses nothing
nor would it ever be possessed
oh love is love sufficient unto love
and you can figure out the rest

your children will not be your children
they are the daughters and the son of a beginning
they’ll come through your womb but not be coming from you
they will be with you but do not belong to you
you may give them your love but not your thoughts
then they’ll arrive with their own hearts
they’re the coming of angels this blessed season
and then they’ll sing oh how God rests in reason
God rests in reason

so what do you do
ooh when God moves through you
what do you do
say i do
i do

think not you can direct the course of
love itself directs the course allowed
believe not God is in your heart, child
but rather you’re in the heart of God

what do you do
say i do
i do
i do

think not you can direct the course of
love itselfs directs the course allowed
believe not God is in your heart, child
but rather you’re in the heart of God

what do you do
ooh when God moves through you
remember God rests in reason
say i do
i do


Watch Jason Mraz’s Playlist on VH1

Mraz on VH1I was trying to find this Mraz thing on the VH1 site, which could use some serious usability testing and reorganization, and noticed that one of the their top videos on the homepage is from New Kids on the Block. I knew they were touring, but a hot new video? I must watch so that I can spend my weekend pondering whether or not I wasted my teenage years drooling over Jordan Knight. I think he’s aged better than some, but we’ll see.

First, check out Jason Mraz’s “My Playlist”.

Jason does a short intro for each of his video picks, and in true Mraz style he mixes some new videos that everyone likes with some you might not have heard of and a couple of old ones that you might not remember. The collection here reminds me a little of the “Influences” mix CD he did for Target, but, you know, in video form.

Jason has an awfully good memory for a guy who… um… is over 30. Yeah, that’s where I was going with that.

Summer summer summertime,

Update: New Kids has an exclusive Walmart Soundcheck thingy with their song “Summertime”. Ha! (And no, not the same DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince “Summertime” that I referenced above.) They still dance and everything but the song sounds pretty generic, even for them. I wonder if Backstreet and N Sync could get in on this action.

Mraz’s Crazy Man’s Hard Day’s Night

That’s far too many apostrophes in one headline, but they’re there now and I’m not moving them.

Sing it, Captain!

Sing it, Captain!

I was watching some of the new Jason Mraz clips on YouTube (his official ones, which seem to still be endorsed by him unlike the fan videos which are not, unless they are).

Crazy Man’s Ju-Ju Part Nine is a video for “Make It Mine” that was shot in London. I don’t know that it’s an official video that we’ll see on VH1 some day, but it’s well done and matches the joy and fun of the song pretty well. Jason splashes around on a beach looking alternately writer’s blocked and relieved and playful, and then looking like Ringo in Hard Day’s Night, one of my favorite movies ever.

Mostly, it’s the hat. Just as I thought Mraz looked like a stick figure Renoir on the new album covers, in this captain’s hat he looks like Ringo as he wallows by the water while “This Boy” plays in the background.

Ringo StarrThe effect is lost once Mraz puts on the bathrobe, but this makes two Beatles now that he’s reminded me of, the first being a young Paul McCartney during a performance in Sweden. I think it’s the ecstatic grin and the way his head bobbles around.

In both performances, the boy shakes it good. Go watch.

I la la la la love this,

Mraz Does Wimbledon and Yoga

Where to begin? Let’s start in Sydney. Over the weekend I got this email from a friend of mine there:

Hi Lisa,

Swear to God, Jason Mraz was practicing one mat away from me at the yoga studio last night.

He has an excellent bum, by the way.


There’s no way to completely verify this information, it’s not like I have access to Jason’s daily schedule, but I think Heather would know Mraz if she saw him. Plus, she’s been at the same yoga place for ages now, so when a new face shows up to class, and an American face at that, she probably gets all the details.

Next. While Mraz was getting himself centered Down Under, his music turned up a few places in the wide world of sports. If you were watching Wimbledon you may have caught a little vignette using “Make It Mine”, and during a story about U.S. Olympic swimmer Dara Torres they used the opening bit of “I’m Yours”. They tend to recycle these things, so don’t be surprised if you see/hear them again.

Finally, I was just looking at Mraz’s site for tour updates and I noticed that the taping policy has been updated. It doesn’t say what exactly has changed, but I did notice that there is specific language that says video taping is not allowed. In an interview a few months ago, Jason said he’s not really loving all the YouTube videos that pop up after shows and would prefer that people stick to audio only.

In the latest official Mraz newsletter that was sent out though, there’s a link to a YouTube video taken by a fan at the Shepherd’s Bush show where James Morrison joined Mraz on stage for “Details in the Fabric”.

So. Yeah. No video taping. Unless it’s something unique. Or unless it involves James Morrison. Or unless it’s in England. I dunno. I hate mixed signals.

Up, up, up and away,

Mraz Live at the Highline Ballroom, NY

Mraz at the Highland

Mraz at the Highland

If you didn’t catch Jason when he was touring the U.S. earlier this year, AOL has his show at the Highline Ballroom available to watch at It’s not as good as being there (you have to watch commercials), but it’s not bad (the view is up close and unobstructed). Also, he starts off with “Plane”, which is my favorite song (most days) and he plays it all stripped down (musically stripped, not naked), which I think is the only real way to hear it.

Tickets for the Fall 2008 U.S. and Canadian tour are still available. Check, or visit Jason’s tour page for all the cities and dates. Tour page, tour page, tour page is all the rage. What is it for page? Yes, the information to the tours page.

I like to visit the page just to listen to Jason sing the “Information Jason” song. And I like the way he says “If you look close enough… really close”, like he’s on Sesame Street and teaching us about the pollen in a flower.

Anyway, I already got my tickets in a mad flurry of spending, but I’ll save those details for another time. When the guilt has faded. And the credit card bill has been paid.

Taste past the tip of your tongue,

All Roads Lead Back to Mraz

Robert Pattinson. Tasty.

Robert Pattinson. Tasty.

I got a little distracted last week, thanks to my friends and the distracting things they send me, but it didn’t matter. I was Googling Robert Pattinson – one of the many things I would like to do to him (so English, so yummy) – and I came across more than one fangirl blog that had pictures of him alongside pictures of our Prophet Mraz. Usually the underwear photo, but others as well.

I also found a few sites that had Pattinson, Mraz AND David Tennant. I think this shows what good taste we all have, to recognize how different these three men are, and yet drool over appreciate them all equally. (Even Robert Pattinson likes Doctor Who.)

Then I get back to work on Monday morning and have an email from a coworker who I’ve chatted with a few times, but don’t know particularly well. He said:

Hi Lisa,

I was over by your pod and I saw that you had a sticker of Jason Miraz. No big deal but one of my really good friends that I grew up with is in his music video, he’s the one that looks like Jesus skating

Happy Monday!
Hells yeah it’s a Happy Monday! I went over to his desk for more details and he pulled the I’m Yours video up on YouTube to show me. It’s his friend’s truck that Jason is riding in the back of – the truck he didn’t even kow he was going to get into until he arrived in Hawaii, according to this VH1 interview – and his friend is seen in lots of the skateboarding shots. Like he said, the Jesus-looking one.

So there you go. Considering he’s a singer that most people have never heard of (and whose name they can’t spell), we’re all just two or three degrees from Mraz at any time.

We are one big family,