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2008: The Year in Jason Mraz

In case you missed some of them, here are Jason’s highlights from 2008.


Mraz Steal ThingsFebruary

  • We find out that not only is a new album on the way, three mini albums (“a trio of exclusive EP releases”) are going to lead up to it. It’s Easter, Christmas and Talk Like a Pirate Day all at once. What, you don’t give Pirate Day gifts?






  • Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” comes out. Jason Mraz is not in it, but NPH is, and it’s the best thing I saw on a screen all year. Except maybe “Skins”, but that’s like comparing joyful apples and evil watermelons. It’s on DVD now, and makes an excellent “sorry I forgot to get you a Christmas gift” gift.
  • Jason replaces Jack Black in Tenacious D.
  • I discover the joy that is James Morrison.
Sing it, Captain!

Sing it, Captain!





  • My Mraz tour continues, and while it’s hard to pick a favorite show, I think Seattle comes close. It was a good crowd, I had my best seats of the tour, and Jason had a really warm, happy post-election groove.


  • Jason is nominated for not one, but three Grammys! Incredible. People everywhere still say, “Jason who? Oh, that “I’m Yours” guy. Right. I think I like him.”
  • Jason ends the year with the greatest holiday video ever. Happy couple of days.

Here’s hoping for more Mrazaliciousness in 2009. Whatever that is.



Mraz Makes VH1 Top 5 for 2008

mrazonvh1This isn’t very new news, but I wanted to put it up before the year is over. Jason took spot number four on the VH1 Top 100 Videos of 2008 countdown with “I’m Yours”.

Maybe, someday, another song of his will get played on TV. If not, at least we can say we all tasted success with him in 2008.

New Year’s Plans and Wishes

“I’ve always held the belief that however you spend your New Year’s Celebration, it will be reflected in the year ahead, such was that year behind the wheel. Here’s another example: If you have the dream of traveling, I suggest packing your bags and having them with you when the clock strikes 12. Really show the universe that your intention is more than a thought. It is an action!”

Jason Mraz

So where will you and your bags be this New Year’s?

Jason Mraz and the Nobel Peace Prize

mraznobel1No, Jason didn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize, despite his travels around the world to serenade people about love and gratitude and all that. The prize went to Martti Ahtisaari, “for his important efforts, on several continents and over more than three decades, to resolve international conflicts.” Well done, Martti.

Jason did, however, perform at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo, Norway, and he didn’t play “I’m Yours”! Shocking!

Take a look at him singing “A Beautiful Mess” at the December 11th performance, accompanied by a full orchestra. It’s a great sound for him, although I still prefer a stripped-down Mraz, just him and a guitar.

Kind and courteous,

Happy Couple of Days, From Jason Mraz

Once again, Maureen is way ahead of me with the Mraz spotting. She let me know that Jason has a new holiday message up on his site, and it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen him do. And that’s saying something.


Put your balls into it,

Update 12/23/08: It’s not quite as good as closed captioning, but if you want to have a sing along with friends, here are the words/lyrics to Jason’s Merry Holidays video/song.

Hi, and merry, jolly times. I’m Jason Mraz.

You know, as an international traveler, I have a really special opportunity to give unique gifts this season.

For instance, for my elderly acquaintances, I give the gift of life, by paying for their medication, cheaply, in foreign countries.

My sister’s going to love these Ritz-Carlton towels, and slippers.

Mom loves lotion and soaps.

For dad, it’s another year’s subscription to Sky Mall.

For my brother, I just got myself this new iPod. Why don’t you join me in the singing of this timeless Christmas classic?

Happy Christmas time
Happy Christ-mas time
What an awesome time of year
To celebrate Christmas cheer
Wherever you go
You may find lots of snow
Unless you’re livin’ in the southern hemisphere

Merry holidays
Merry cou-ple of days
What a wintery way to say
I’m not workin’
It’s a time for you to be you
And a time to go and see how grandma’s doin’
And maybe she’ll have some money too

And oh yeah, the presents!
The way they overflow
from the belly of the Christmas tree
And oh ho ho ho ho, here comes Santa
To say the very best things in life
You can have for free

Everybody, put your balls into it!

Merry holidays
Merry couple of days
Make it a Nat-King-Bing-Crosby-Charles-Dickensy kind of thing

So whatever you’re planning on giving this holiday season, give from the heart. But most importantly, make sure you have a merry couple of days.

Jason Mraz on Regis and Kelly

mraz_regisI’m a bit behind, but if you haven’t seen it yet, Jason’s performance on Regis and Kelly from December 11 is now available on their site. Click the tab for 2008 Performances and he’s just a few down on the list.

He’s playing his “brand new” hit, “I’m Yours”, but it’s an acoustic version with just him and Toca, which is a really nice change from the radio version that we’ve all heard a few dozen times too many.

Actually, when I was in Florida I mentioned to my friend that I couldn’t believe how often I was hearing the song, and she said she didn’t think she’d heard it on the radio at all. Then I got back to California, and the next morning my radio alarm went off just as “I’m Yours” came on. It was like it was tuned up and all ready to go for me.

Then I went to drop off film and the song came on as I walked into the photo place. Then I got back in my car and there it was again. Is it following us somehow? Or do we just have very good timing?

I drew a new face and I laughed,

Enjoy Jason Mraz’ Winter Wonderland

Happy holidays, everyone. Enjoy some festive Mraz tunes as you trim the tree, wrap your gifts, bake some cookies, or sit at school or work, counting the days until vacation.

Mraz Wonderland


Mraz at ChristmasNo matter what kind of religious beliefs you identify with, you can’t not like the powerful sound of a gospel choir, and this group is amazing. Also, nobody rocks an old man sweater like our Mraz. Mmm, mmm, Christmas cozy.

Pa rum pum pum  pum,