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Is Mraz a “Monk” Fan?

I was watching “Monk” earlier, the “Leap and a net will appear” episode where Natalie tries to convince Monk that if he takes a big risk in his life, it will pay off.

The first time I heard “Make It Mine” and Jason sang “Leap and a net will appear” I wondered if he was a “Monk” fan. Then I thought it would be great if in the video it showed him leaping into the arms of Annette Funicello. (Leap and Annette will appear. Get it? Yeah, it’s not that funny.)

Then I thought about what a dork I was to be laughing so hard at that.

Whether or not Jason was inspired by Tony Shalhoub, the messages are still the same: Try something new, step outside of your comfort zone, and good things can happen. I’ve felt the need to leap lately, just not sure where. Into a new job? New city? Maybe just a new hobby?

I wanna celebrate the whole world,


Make It Mine, European Style

mraz_pretzelIt’s so cool having people from all over the world to help me keep tabs on what Mraz is doing. I could never keep up with every fan site, YouTube clip, news story and blog. But you all help me to filter through everything and find the really good stuff.

Alicia wrote to let me know that the German Jason Mraz site has a new video up for “Make It Mine”. I didn’t even know there was a German Mraz site. The video is very cool, similar to the one he made in England a while ago, but with more casual European flair.

I think this might be my favorite video of his yet, just because he looks so relaxed – dancing and surfing, skateboarding, bicycling, all fit and happy. And I’m very jealous of his passport.

Have a look and see what you think. Stay tuned after that video finishes to check out the video for “Remedy”. He looks so damn young in it. Adorkable, but young. And I’m really glad the trucker hat era is over.

And if anyone finds some particularly good footage from the tour on YouTube, let me know. In particular, I want to find the intro to “If It Kills Me” where he talks about dating. I’ve seen bits and pieces, but not the whole thing, and not with sound good enough that you can really hear him.

I la la la la love this,

Make “Make It Mine” Yours

Make It Mine

Make It Mine

I’ve listened to the Dr. Horrible soundtrack several times today. It’s easy because it’s so short. And because Neil Patrick Harris sounds incredible. It’s a brand new day, baby, so put out $10 to support the gorram Whedonesque arts.

In Mraz news, Make It Mine has been officially released as the second single from WSWDWST in the UK, along with the video I reviewed a while ago, which you can find on Jason’s official YouTube channel

We do the weird stuff,

Mraz’s Crazy Man’s Hard Day’s Night

That’s far too many apostrophes in one headline, but they’re there now and I’m not moving them.

Sing it, Captain!

Sing it, Captain!

I was watching some of the new Jason Mraz clips on YouTube (his official ones, which seem to still be endorsed by him unlike the fan videos which are not, unless they are).

Crazy Man’s Ju-Ju Part Nine is a video for “Make It Mine” that was shot in London. I don’t know that it’s an official video that we’ll see on VH1 some day, but it’s well done and matches the joy and fun of the song pretty well. Jason splashes around on a beach looking alternately writer’s blocked and relieved and playful, and then looking like Ringo in Hard Day’s Night, one of my favorite movies ever.

Mostly, it’s the hat. Just as I thought Mraz looked like a stick figure Renoir on the new album covers, in this captain’s hat he looks like Ringo as he wallows by the water while “This Boy” plays in the background.

Ringo StarrThe effect is lost once Mraz puts on the bathrobe, but this makes two Beatles now that he’s reminded me of, the first being a young Paul McCartney during a performance in Sweden. I think it’s the ecstatic grin and the way his head bobbles around.

In both performances, the boy shakes it good. Go watch.

I la la la la love this,

Up, Up, Up and Away – Over to the Gratitude Café

Gratitude CafeJason sings about it in “Make It Mine” and if you find yourself in the San Francisco are you can make a table there yours, at least for lunch or dinner.

The owner of the Café Gratitude, Matthew Engelhart, sounds like a true prophet’s prophet. His bio says, “What he shares isn’t positive thinking, it is about developing the ability to go beyond our own petty wants and desires to connect with the grandeur of all of life.” That’s pretty much the message of Mraz, don’t you think? I can see why these two could be good friends.

The Café Gratitude has two locations in San Francisco, one in Berkeley and one in San Rafael. I’m not sure which one our Prophet prefers, but they all offer the same healthy, uplifting, environmentally-sound dishes. Personally, I prefer gooey, chocolatey, sugary foods that my body doesn’t need, but I can get behind a good cheese platter or fruit smoothie too.

I want to celebrate the whole world,