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Listen to Jason Mraz’s Song of Love

If you’re still looking for it, here’s a link to Jason’s song “Quote Christian/Love is All Around”:

This version includes an intro by Jason to the young man he wrote the song for. Lovely, isn’t it?

The Songs of Love Foundation didn’t score the million dollar grant from Chase Community Giving, but they did get enough votes for a $25,000 grant. That’s not too shabby. If you don’t know what they do, read more about them.

It’s a wonderful vision,


Mraz Plays Cord Progression in February

Mraz plays Cord ProgressionI demonstrated some excellent restraint yesterday.

I got the email that tickets were going on sale for Cord Progression, “a special night of music in support of spinal cord injury awareness” with our man Jason Mraz and our special friends Bushwalla and the Makepeace Brothers, and I was determined to go.

Sure, the show was in Long Beach and I had no idea who I was going with or how I would get there, I just wanted to go.

As soon as the clock flipped to 10:00 I was on Ticketmaster and had two sixth row tickets in my basket. Then the voices in my head started to argue:

You don’t need to spend this money.
It’s for a good cause!
You’re saving to buy a house.
I deserve a little fun!
You don’t even know if anyone else wants to go.
Who cares?!

In the end, I decided just the fact that I was hearing voices probably meant that the $160 plus travel expenses could be better spent elsewhere, or not spent at all. And there will be other Mraz shows this year, hopefully closer to home.

If you’re interested though, tickets are still on sale (the show is at the Long Beach Terrace Theatre on Saturday, February 27th, 2010), and it is for a good cause, and you can’t go wrong with a Mraz-Bushwalla show.

I don’t wanna wait no more,

Jason Mraz Takes Over

It’s one thing to see the little notice on Facebook that, “Now you can watch Jason Mraz on! Check out Jason’s Hulu page, where you’ll find all of Jason’s music videos as well as live performances and behind-the-scenes clips.”

It’s another thing to settle in for my lunchtime episode of “Arrested Development” and see this when I get to Hulu:

Mraz on Hulu

Not the best picture I’ve ever seen of him, but it’s still pretty cool that he’s a big enough name to be promoted alongside episodes of “Human Target” and “Modern Family”.

It’s also nice to have so many video clips in one place. It doesn’t have “Yoga to Go” or his “Vs.” tour videos or any of the little homemade videos he’s done and posted on his blog, but it’s a start.

I don’t remember the last time I watched the video for “Remedy”. Who is that young kid in the trucker hat? And, oh my, just look at all those roosters.

This is a dangerous liason,

Jason Mraz Writes a Song of Love

It sounds like a Valentine’s Day promo, but it’s much cooler than that. The Songs of Love foundation asks musicians to write songs for seriously ill children. Jason’s song was written for a 13-year-old cancer patient and is the 20,000th song produced by the charity, which is really impressive.

You can see the video for Jason’s song, but first, go and vote for this charity to get a big grant so they can help even more kids in need.

After you do that, vote for something not quite as important. Jason is going to put out a new shirt for… now’s the time for it… Valentine’s Day! I don’t think I’d wear any of the proposed designs (Doves in a 69, one eating the other? Weird.), but maybe one of them is your style.

I do love the URL. Hopefully they can use that for other events in the future.


What’s Jason Mraz Doing in 2010?

Hell if I know.

Joseph Gordon-Mraz on SNL

Now then, moving on. I can’t believe I forgot about the People’s Choice Awards last night. Well, I can believe it because I’ve been going in circles and forgetting lots of things lately, but still. I looked at the TV Guide, I saw that there were “Glee” reruns and didn’t really bother to see what else was on.

I did, however, flip around during commercials and at some point saw that the awards were on and even managed to catch Jason’s category, probably using the same Mrazian luck that had me catch the Joseph Gordon-Levitt skit about Mraz on SNL even though I rarely watch the show.

As you probably know by now, Jason didn’t win in the Favorite Male Artist cateogry. Keith Urban did, and that’s ok because I always get a kick out of seeing this Nashville looking guy get up and saunter on stage and then open his mouth and talk like Steve Irwin (May He Rest In Peace).

It was a little surprising because the rest of the awards followed the Teen Choice model, with vampires and Disney acts doing very well, and I would have thought the Tween Twitter crowd would have been more in Jason’s demographic than Keiths, but maybe the Aussies pulled some strings.

If radio play is an indicator, Jason might be having a quieter 2010 than 2009 was for him. I wrote a while back that “I’m Yours” was on almost every morning around the time my alarm went off, but I haven’t heard it in a few weeks now. Instead, there are Mraz-esque songs in its place. I’m talking about Michael Franti’s “Say Hey (I Love You)” and Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister”.

They both have the same beachy, casual vibe, but they haven’t been played thousands of times so they come off a little fresher.

My hope for Jason in 2010 is that he gets a little rest, a lot of free play time to foster his creativity and that we all get to see him live at least once this summer.

Ain’t that Mr. Mister on the radio?