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Enjoy Jason Mraz’ Winter Wonderland

Happy holidays, everyone. Enjoy some festive Mraz tunes as you trim the tree, wrap your gifts, bake some cookies, or sit at school or work, counting the days until vacation.

Mraz Wonderland


Mraz at ChristmasNo matter what kind of religious beliefs you identify with, you can’t not like the powerful sound of a gospel choir, and this group is amazing. Also, nobody rocks an old man sweater like our Mraz. Mmm, mmm, Christmas cozy.

Pa rum pum pum  pum,


Jason Mraz Sings for Friends and Firemen

Jason Mraz Fire Relief album Jason Mraz (he’s so swell) has contributed to the San Diego 2007 Fire Relief album with his tune, “Silent Love Song” (I almost typed it as “Silent Love Snog” which would be both inaccurate and impossible to pull off.) The album also features some of our other friends, including Bushwalla, Gregory Page, and Tristan Prettyman. It’s good music for a good cause, so hop on over and pre-order it today. Or try to. The link didn’t work the last time I was there, but I’m sure they’re working on it.