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David Tennant: A Two-Hearted Heartbreaker

Jen was kind enough to ruin my day a couple of weeks ago by sending me news that David Tennant had officially quit Doctor Who. *Imagine me shoving an imaginary knife through my heart here.* It’s cool, Jen. I was bound to hear it somewhere eventually ūüôā The last rumor I’d heard was that they […]

Give David Tennant a (Shadow) Emmy

They aren’t quite the¬†same thing, but the Shadow Emmys honor those actors and shows that are overlooked by the real Emmys. David Tennant is up for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Doctor Who and you can vote for him here: I’m not quite sure how Burn Notice got listed as a […]

David Tennant Hip-to-Be-Square Icons

I remember way back in the late 90s when icons only came in one size – small little¬†AIM-compatible squares. With blogging¬†came bigger squares and more opportunities for users to devote hours and hours to making them pretty and funny and worthy of trading or stealing. Which is my long way of saying: Here are some […]

David Tennant Gets Fuzzy Harry Potter Icons

As much time as I spend online, you’d think¬†that at some point it would cease to amaze me just how interconnected the whole web is, but no. More specifically, I am always happily¬†suprised at how many great minds think so much alike in so many odd ways. Here’s what got me going: My boss is […]

Searching for the Prophet Mraz? Harry Potter? David Tennant? They’re All Right Here.

As much as I enjoy writing for my blog, I think I enjoy checking the stats even more. I¬†mean, I¬†like to see the number of visitors and¬†openly admit to being a bit addicted to my minor¬†rise in popularity over the last couple of weeks (line graphs are a very exciting visual when the right end […]

Found It! David Tennant Sexes Up “Posh Nosh”

I read it on but couldn’t picture it. Supposedly, David Tennant had a bit part on the BBC’s faux-cooking show, Posh Nosh. Have you seen it? They only run about 10 minutes, so our local PBS station was showing them in the gap between Jeeves and Wooster¬†(I so wish Hugh Laurie would give up […]

I’m a Pervy David Tennant Fangirl!

And I didn’t even know it.¬† But, whew! It feels good to have this illness defined, because now the healing can begin. Not that my recent David Tennant lust is a danger to myself or others, but it did sort of take my body over unexpectedly with a good amount of side effects, including rapid […]

Mraz + Tennant = Seriously Goofy Entertainment

I got a note from Jen the other day, who wrote to say that, like me, she’s a big fan of both Jason Mraz and David Tennant. I know nothing else about her, but¬†based only on that, I¬†like Jen a lot. I’ve written before about why it makes perfect sense that fans of one spunk […]

Mrazterful, Ruperty, Tennantish WordPress Search Terms

These are real searches by real people. You guys crack me up with the things you look for, and I crack me up with the things I wrote about them. Click the links to see the matching posts. “get fuzzy” slytherin bad ass baby names david tennant beard geek undercover david tennant david tennant glasses […]

Mraz & Tennant: Geeky Lovers, Undercover

This is a¬†post from a week or so ago, but just in case you missed it I wanted to repost it, mostly because I love pictures of my men in glasses:¬† Speaking of geeks. . . There’s just something about a man in glasses that makes me say, “Mmm mmm, good God I’d like to […]