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Another New Jason Mraz Shirt

Jason Mraz Wave TeeThey must have found some kind of end-of-summer blowout over at Mraz merchandising headquarters. This is what, the third new shirt in as many months? Get them while they’re hot, and cool.

Myspace says: LIMITED EDITION Wave Scene Tee Pre-Sale Starts Today
Pre-Sale on this limited edition Wave Scene Tee begins today! If you purchase the new tee during the pre-sale, you will receive a FREE Geek in the Pink Eraser while supplies last. Click here to get your shirt!


Jason Mraz and Travel and Stuff

Sunday night I got together up with my friend, Nicolas, who I haven’t seen in two years. We met way back in 2004 at an international students outing at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Even better than the degree I got there were the people I met and still keep in touch with.

Advice from someone who may be older and vaguely wiser: Jump into the world, see things, go places, meet crazy foreigners. It will make the world feel a whole lot smaller and cozier. Put your whole self in. Put your whole self out. Put your whole self in, and shake it all about. Do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around. That’s what it’s all about. *Clap Clap*

Back to Nicolas. He was visiting from France with two of his froggy friends. They picked me up in their rented Mustang convertible which was blasting their homemade California mix CD (some Beach Boys, some Elvis, a little “Hotel California”). Then we all went for Mexican food where the boys drank dirty martinis, practiced flashing the West Coast gang signs they learned in LA (which looked more Vulcan than violent), asked questions about enchiladas and spicy peppers, and talked to the waitress about her recent trip to the south of France. It was an international evening and the best time I’ve had in ages.

How is it that places I went and friendships I made years ago are bringing me more enjoyment than anything I’ve done in the last 12 months? Why am I not making the most of today? Do I need a little Good Orderly Direction? A Remedy for this rut I’m in? Yeah. A Plane ticket wouldn’t hurt either.


Sign Jason Mraz to Your Label: $10

I have friends who spend hours and hours on their fantasy baseball and football leagues. Others play in a fantasy stock market, and a few are deep into Second Life. We’ve sent search parties and hope to find signs of real life soon.

I don’t have the patience for any of that, but if I did, I would probably try out this fantasy music league. Granted, Jason Mraz may not be the most profitable choice if you’re in it to win, but I think he could give your label a touch of curbside class.

At least be sympathetic to the time I spend,

Beauty and the Geek in the Pink

I’ve gotten so used to responding “not much” to all inquiries of what’s up in my life that I have to scribble notes on Post Its just to remind myself of just how very much is up. Friday is my last day on my current job and I have an Inbox full of panicked and urgent requests to deal with. I start a new job Monday and need to figure out just how to get there, what to wear, what to bring with me, and whether now would be a good time to try a new hair color, style, or nickname, just as long as I have to break in this new group of co-workers anyway.

Jason Mraz must be having the best summer or his life because he looks tan and healthy and fit and as sexy as I find skinny geeky guys, his arms and shoulders suddenly have a Duncan Sheik-ness about them that says Sensitive Musicians Can Lift Weights Too. Yes, his arms talk to me. You can’t hear that?

My friend, Alli, got a promotion today and I’m very happy for her because I know she works hard and deserves it. Another friend of mine is taking off to Africa to spend a year working as a lawyer to help the poor defend themselves from unlawful land grabs by the rich. This is a different friend from the one who is going to Nigeria to work in the consulate and help lost tourists and the other one who is there working with an AIDS foundation. I know some truly incredible people. Has Mraz ever toured Africa? I think he and Bill Bryson could team up and put together a great CD/book package based on a trip there. I’ll have his people call his people.

Driving LessonsI’m nurturing a wildly inappropriate crush right now. Ok, another wildly inappropriate crush. I’m not going to talk about the first one because I’m hoping it will just go away, but speaking of the other, older (younger) one, I watched Driving Lessons over the weekend. Rupert Grint is charming, more so when he smiles, and he makes a great eucalyptus tree, but I really want to see him in a role that requires a greater range of emotion than nervous-awkward-shy-scared. Maybe for his next role he can play a smart ass rich kid who masterminds a bank robbery for fun. And wears suits. He cleans up nice in a suit. Could someone get to writing that, please? Thanks.

Angry Librarians Protest In Smocks!

New Zealand librariansThis is a true story. (MTV has ruined that sentence forever.) It was sent to me by my friend, Elizabeth, who moved to her mother’s native New Zealand after college and became a Kiwi librarian, which is one of the coolest things you could say at a ten-year reunion.

“So, how have you been?”
“I moved to the other side of the planet, got two masters degrees, and have every bit of information known to man at my fingertips at all times. And you?” 

Well, her fellow library scientists became a wee bit upset when a local fashionista offered to stop by their yearly conference to offer advice on dressing less frumpy. They felt that she was just reinforcing an old stereotype, and dammit, they weren’t going to take it anymore! Check out the protest smocks!

I would love for Mraz to do a librarian tribute song, or hell, even a whole librarian medley. I’ve written before about his sexyliterate ways, and if you combine that with my Mraz Does Broadway fantasy, I could totally see him updating “Marian the Librarian”, throwing in something from Tori Amos’ Tales of a Librarian and finishing up with a little “Read, Read, Read a Book”.

Do you doubt the possible coolness of a library medley? Well have a listen to the fourth grade stylings of Mrs. Reed’s class at Northside Elementary doing their version of that last song and then tell me that our Curbside Prophet couldn’t take that already stellar tune and make us all yearn for a good book and an expert in information studies.

Ok, I’m teasing just a bit, but I do love librarians. Many of my happy childhood memories involve books, bean bag chairs arranged in the children’s alcove of the library, and the stamps and stickers and prizes the librarians gave out during the annual summer read-a-thon. Now, as an adult, I spend many volunteer hours a month playing librarian at a local thrift shop, organizing their book shelves by subject and author and setting out New Arrivals! and Recommended Classics. Why would you want to play doctor when you could have the Dewey Decimal System at your mercy?

Others only read of the love,

New, Recently-Inked Jason Mraz Blogspot

According to Jason’s latest and last myspace blog, he’s really had a hell of a few weeks: Hospital visits, an attack on his poor pet, record company meanies trying to tell him how to do what he does best. The worst thing to happen to me this week was having the upcoming White Stripes show canceled. I was looking forward to some live Jack and Meg.

Like many people who go through a blue period, Jason decided to wipe the slate clean and start over. He branded himself a beginner, bought a new toothbrush, and moved into a new online home:

It’s nice. Simple. Clean. I really like WordPress, but lately I’ve been thinking I should have jumped on the blogspot bandwagon instead. I suppose it’s never too late. 

If you’re wondering why the link from the myspace blog didn’t work, it’s because you don’t need the “www”. Removing them is a nifty trick for a lot of links that look broken, but were just programmed wrong. That’s your geek tip of the day. 

There is no spoon,

Jason Mraz – “Good Orderly Direction” Lyrics

Since you people are searching for them, here are the lyrics to the version of “Good Orderly Direction” on the Prophet Mraz’s myspace page – at least the lyrics as I hear them. He’s not a lyric mumbler on the level of, say, Michael Stipe, but I think all our ears hear a little bit differently. Feel free to make your own interpretations or send me suggestions.

Update 1/22/08: This song is no longer on Jason’s myspace page, but you can find it here, in the “Myspace Songs” folder, posted by a friendly fan.

Jason MrazGood Orderly Direction

All right
Kitchen noises

I can do the impossible
I can breathe under water, babe
I can right the unwrongable
I can taste the untouchable
And if you think that you know me
I’d say that’s unbelievable

I can take blood from a water main
But I can turn that into champagne
I can turn that bubbly into tonic now
(A little gin and tonic)
I can turn that tonic into chronic now
(Going to smoke that chronic, hydrophonic)

And if you think I’m gonna show you how
You’re trippin babe

(Insert snazzy kitchen sink noises)
Watch out, watch out, you’re gonna spill that, watch out, watch out!

I’ll take the piss out of politics
I’ll take the shame out of talkin shit
I’ll take the blame but not all of it
I’ll share my flame but dontcha bogart it
(Take two hits and pass it on)

I do all of that and more of it
And not even break a sweat

Cause I can create the unimaginable
I can fake feelin vulnerable
I can fool the tie and suitables
I can even groove the unmovable
Cause I believe in the power of positive thinking
It’s gonna keep this world from ever sinking

I said turn that sink off goddammit now

(Insert a little tongue-twisting, mouth moving do be do be do action)

So you see so far well I’m all right
Pleasant and awkwardly polite
Watching carefully the comedy
The tick tock moments of the gridlock day
And why I’m singing
About the fact that I’m giving up everything
And giving back to the people that made me want to change
My simple, lazy ways
I’m gonna give you one more phrase to explain myself, that’s why

See I believe in only one thing
I believe in good orderly d-i-r-e-c-t-i-o-n
I’ll spell it again, but only with abbreviation
Easy as a 1,2,3
Spell it backwards it’s a d-o-g
Cause it’s a dog eat dog world
What a life girl
I bet that I can make you my wife girl
Cause I believe in omni possibility

Nothing more than good orderly direction, that’s right
Nothing more than good orderly direction, it’s s’alright
Nothing more than good orderly direction, say that’s what it is
Nothing more than good orderly direction
Nothing more than the chili beef and cheese
Nothing more than good orderly direction
Nothin more than good orderly erections
This process of affection (?)