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Paolo Nutini: Two Degrees from Jason Mraz

A friend of mine called me up last Friday to see if I wanted to go to a Paolo Nutini concert in Oakland on Saturday. I’d heard the name before but didn’t really know anything about him. My friend swore he was my type though, “young, English and kind of like Jason Mraz” so I said I’d go.

Turns out Mr. Nutini is Scottish, not English, but he is young and I think if you like Mraz, you’ll probably like him too. He’s a little bit folk, a little bit swing, a little bit Dixieland, a little bit soul… there’s really no one way to describe him. He’s also got a sort of raspy thing going, like James Morrison. I’ll bet they’d be fun to see together.

paolo_nutiniWatch Paolo Nutini sing “Loving You”

Or, watch Paolo Nutini sing “Rewind”

Jungle Book fan? Check out his cover of “I Wanna Be Like You”

The direct connection from Mraz to Nutini was the opening act on Saturday. I walked in and though, “Gee, that blonde looks familiar. And there’s something in her whiny little girl voice that I’ve found annoying before.” It was Anya Marina, who I saw at Jason’s show in Jacksonville last December. I don’t get her, but she seemed to have a few fans up near the stage.

Mostly I just thought it waw funny how I can tie so many things back to Mraz, even when I’m not trying. Or maybe I can tie everything back to Scotland. Ever since David Tennant became Doctor Who, sexy Scottish men seem to be everywhere.

Just give me some candy,


Jason Mraz Joins the Twitterati

mraz_twitter1Yes, you can start finding out where Jason is during the day, what he’s eating, how he’s feeling and when he’s getting his nails done (acrylics, FYI) by following him on Twitter, kind of.

He’s not writing his own tweets, but someone on his tour is doing it in his name, with his blessing.

For completely selfish reasons, I kind of hope this is short lived. The time demands of social networking stresses me out. (And “online sociability fatigue” is a real thing, so it’s not just me being anti-technology. I work for a dot com and manage two blogs for god’s sake. Isn’t that enough? Damn you Twitter and your minute-by-minute updates!)

I just don’t have enough hours in the day to keep up with all of it, especially when the tweets include links to photos, movies and articles that I won’t be able to help but look at. I can see myself getting lost in the Mraz maze of posts and links and forgetting that I’m supposed to be working.

Plus, I don’t know if I want that much backstage info on Jason. I like that his private life is mostly private, and that our shared time with him happens when he’s on stage.

Still, it can be fun, and already Twitter has pointed us to some things I never would have found on my own, like this YouTube clip from Anya Marina, Jason’s opening act.


And now, back to work…