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Are There Mraz Fans in Germany?

I’m sure there are plenty of Jason Mraz fans in Germany, and everywhere else in Europe, but I’ll get to find out for myself when I go on vacation next week. Yay for not being at work!

I leave on Wednesday and get to spend four days in London with a friend of mine before heading on to Munich, Salzberg, Cologne, Berlin and maybe a couple of places in between. If anyone has recommendations of places to go, things to see or places to stay, please let me know.

I’m still listening to a lot of Paolo Nutini, so I’ll leave you with some “Alloway Grove“.

nutini alloway grove

However much you want me, I’ll make you want me more,


Make It Mine, European Style

mraz_pretzelIt’s so cool having people from all over the world to help me keep tabs on what Mraz is doing. I could never keep up with every fan site, YouTube clip, news story and blog. But you all help me to filter through everything and find the really good stuff.

Alicia wrote to let me know that the German Jason Mraz site has a new video up for “Make It Mine”. I didn’t even know there was a German Mraz site. The video is very cool, similar to the one he made in England a while ago, but with more casual European flair.

I think this might be my favorite video of his yet, just because he looks so relaxed – dancing and surfing, skateboarding, bicycling, all fit and happy. And I’m very jealous of his passport.

Have a look and see what you think. Stay tuned after that video finishes to check out the video for “Remedy”. He looks so damn young in it. Adorkable, but young. And I’m really glad the trucker hat era is over.

And if anyone finds some particularly good footage from the tour on YouTube, let me know. In particular, I want to find the intro to “If It Kills Me” where he talks about dating. I’ve seen bits and pieces, but not the whole thing, and not with sound good enough that you can really hear him.

I la la la la love this,

Notes From a Friend in Germany

I just got this comment from Alicia in Germany and I’m making it its own post so that everyone is sure to see it.

Dear Lisa,

Some time ago you asked me to write a review about a Jason Mraz concert in Cologne, Germany. And I did not. The reason is, that I was ashamed and disappointed. That night Jason hardly talked to the audience, just played his songs, did his job and couldn’t wait to get on the bus. A week after that show he wrote in his Blog that he was totally exhausted and even went to see a doctor. Not really a surprise…

Two weeks ago Jason was back in Germany again. The show was super good and a felicitous compensation for what happened a couple of months earlier. He brought Ingrid Michaelson, a blower-trio and his band with him and did his best to entertain the crowd.

The set list:

The boy is gone (solo)
Make it mine
Common pleasure
If it kills me
Live high
Beautiful mess
You and I both
Sleeping to dream
Bella luna
Not so usual
Only human Dynamo of volition
I’m yours – Three little birds

Lucky (with Ingrid Michaelson)
No stopping us
Song for a friend (solo)

You need to know that things have changed for Jason in Europe in the past year. He first came here in the summer of 2007. Did a lot of cute little living room shows, played in stuffy bars and at some festivals and for the first time hung out with his European fans. “I’m yours” became that super summer song everyone knew to sing along and all of a sudden listening to Jason Mraz is a “cool” thing to do… I was very happy that he decided to play some more of the older songs this time and in my opinion the set list was pretty well chosen. The show I went to, in Frankfurt, was his biggest in Germany. Maybe that’s why he picked up his guitar again after the whole band had already left the stage and sang the most wonderful version of “Song for a friend” I have ever heard. Jason definitely left us wanting more, wanting, wanting some more.


Thanks, Alicia! I’ve also seen Mraz when he was not feeling his best. I think it was Halloween about four years ago that he was in San Francisco, and I could feel his frustration at not being able to hit the big notes he usually does. I’m very glad that you didn’t give up on him though, (everyone has their bad days, right?) and that he came back to give you all an excellent show.

I’m ok, you’re ok, we’re ok,

Tenacious Mraz Sings a “Happy Song”

Mraz Happy Song

Festival in Germany. Short film. New. The guy who isn’t Jack Black. That’s all you need to know.

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