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Halloween: Time for Dirty Skeleton Poems

There’s nothing at all Jason Mraz about this, it’s just fun. (Not that Mraz isn’t fun, but I don’t want to drag his good name down with horny skeleton poetry.)

Click the naughty linky for the whole thing.

Cemetary Blues
Limbs rattling, and teeth clenched, a skeleton
wonders who he can lay down with. While
there is nothing to erect, consciousness
of sex and urges still remain in his


Are You My 10,000th Visitor?

Spike theĀ RhinoLooks like someone today will be, so thanks to all of the first 9,999 for making that possible.

Enjoy some safe and tasty Halloween celebrations, and if anyone dresses up asĀ Jason Mraz/The Geek in the Pink/The Curbside Prophet, send me a photo.

Too much candy corn on my plate,

Lisa (and Spike the Rhino the Wannabe Pez Dispenser)