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Jason Mraz at the HP Pavilion, San Jose, September 28, 2012: Set List

Welcome to San Jose! This was my second and last show of the tour – no crazy cross-country jaunts this time to see him all over the place. I used my vacation time to go to Scotland and visit a boy instead, which you can’t argue with. Check him out:

Jason started the show by coming out in a San Jose Sharks jersey to introduce Christina Perri. I’m not a big hockey fan (unless it’s college hockey – Go BU!), but the local crowd loved it.

Christina Perri made me laugh again when she introduced a song by talking about how she wrote it when she was 17 and dreaming about someday playing with Jason Mraz. And now she’s touring with him, “So let’s dream up some new dreams, then never never never give up on that dream.”

And then she plays this super angry, depressing song. Yay for hopes and dreams!

Jason’s set started out a bit quiet, and I wonder if that was why so many people were sitting down. Looking around the arena it was like people in other sections were watching a play instead of going to a concert, and energy seemed low. Could be the venue itself, as the design is great for ice hockey, not so great for live music.

1.  The World As I See It
2. Everything Is Sound
3. Remedy (The crowd started to show a little life here)
4-6? Make It Mine, which turned into Live High for about 30 seconds, then Butterfly. (This was a weird part just because it was a medley, which made me think of a Vegas act doing The Songs of Jason Mraz, or like Jason was covering himself. I was also a little surprised he didn’t use Live High to show a picture of Obama like he did four years ago. Maybe he’s feeling less political these days.)

7. Who’s Thinking About You Now?
8. Song for a Friend
9. It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Yes, the Mr. Rogers song. He introduced it as “The oldest song I know about the environment.”)
10. Lucky
11-12. Clockwatching (Which he started out playing on his own, which is how I like him best.) and that turned into Living in the Moment
13. Plane (I really, really love the way he’s playing it now, from the beat box opening to the way all hell breaks loose as it ramps up, lights and video and everything. It just gets increasingly bizarre and artsy, but fantastic. Also noticed “Starbucks cup” changed to “coffee cup”, so maybe he got tired of giving free endorsements.)
14. You Are Loved? (Don’t think I’ve heard this before. He said it’s a new song he wrote with Mona, and it’s about death. So there was a lot of sitting going on around here as the song was kind of a bummer.)

Next there was a small break as Jason had everyone take a couple of deep breaths together. “Now, at the very least, you can say tonight’s show was breathtaking.” I love that he’s never stopped being goofy.

15. Beautiful Mess

16-18. I’m Yours, with a sing along, and then it turned into Somewhere Over the Rainbow, which turned into Up (Or what I think of as The Gene Wilder Song.)

19. You Fckn Did It with Mona, who really does kick some serious ass. She seems to have 120% the energy of a normal human being, and looks like she’s having the time of her life, every, single, moment.

Then Jason did get a little political asking people to vote Yes on 37 for improved food labeling and thanking California for fighting for marriage equality. Yeah, we’re trying.

20. Frank D Fixer

21. The Hidden Track/I’m Coming Over (Just like he did in Atlanta, this was done in a cozy, acoustic way with the band all gathering around him at the front of the stage. Totally fantastic, but just made me miss the days when he played whole shows like that.)

22. Going Up the Country (A song by the American blues-rock group Canned Heat)

Remember when Jason used to end a show with All Night Long or a big fun song that made you want to dance and sing? Yeah, this time he talked about being inspired by the puppet show Sifl and Olly and the time they interviewed the planet Mars to ask what happened to it. And Mars told them to just keep doing what we’ve been doing to Earth and we’ll find out. And then he played a “pessimistic song about the likelihood of us doing nothing”:
23. Collapsible Plans (although I think he should call it Burn This Mother Down)

It was actually a pretty rollicking, fun song for being about the slow destruction of our environment.

24. Distance, with Christina Perri (It’s on her album, “Lovestrong”.)
25. 93 Million Miles
26. I Won’t Give Up (I know this is the one all over the radio now, but man, what a dull one to end on.)

Ok, I know this doesn’t all sound like a rave review, but I did enjoy the show. As always, I left the show feeling refreshed, like my soul just had a good scrubbing. It makes me sort of understand why people go to church.

I think that with so much material at his disposal now, you’re never going to get to hear all the songs you want, and I was very lucky when I saw him in Atlanta that he did cover a lot of my favorites, including Tonight, Not Again and Sleeping to Dream. You don’t always get Dynamo or Coyotes or Rand McNally, and that’s ok.

I do really miss Bushwalla though. I think of all the tours in the past 10 years, the one they did together with the Makepeace Brothers is my favorite. It just seemed like they were all having so much fun that they didn’t want to stop playing at the end of the night. The venues were also smaller back then, so the crowd had more densely-packed energy.

Still, I can’t wait to see what Mr. Mraz does next.

Enjoy the midnight serenade,