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Play Dress Up With Rupert Grint

My, oh my. I was cruising around looking for some new Rupert interviews (I love how no matter how bubbly the interviewer is he always answers questions with a really calm, “Aww, yeah it’s pretty good,” or “Yeah, it’s good fun.” and then looks at the interviewer like they have three heads. It must be […]

Rupert Grint and the Deathly Hollywood Autograph Signing

Rupert signing autographs. Originally uploaded by satsumabug. Ok, nothing deathly about it. I’m just always amazed that they can make him look so goofy in the films and then in person he’s lovely. Or, you know, hot and studly and whatever else sounds more masculine. (Confession: I still feel guilty about exposing my wildly inappropriate crush on […]

Mrazterful, Ruperty, Tennantish WordPress Search Terms

These are real searches by real people. You guys crack me up with the things you look for, and I crack me up with the things I wrote about them. Click the links to see the matching posts. “get fuzzy” slytherin bad ass baby names david tennant beard geek undercover david tennant david tennant glasses […]

Harry Potter Icons – Dan, Rupert & Emma

Found these while surfing around. They’re too fun not to share. Visit alohamora icons for more.               From that page I wound up at the live journal site don’t be so base where there’s even more fun to be had.        And from there I found this group of icons dedicated to Ron and […]

Harry Potter’s Spoilers of Death and Rupertly Hallows

But Lisa, you said you were going to talk about the Epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Yeah, I say a lot of things. It doesn’t make them true. My Curbside’s Best Guide to Epilogue Prophecies is coming along. Until then, please click the banner up above or a link down below to […]

Movie Review: Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince

I’ve been neglecting my Mraz duties because I’ve been living in Potter land the last few weeks, rereading the books to get ready for the movie. I saw it at midnight, and here’s what I think, on three hours of sleep. Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! Overall, I give it 4 […]

My Un-Mraz Blog

I have so much to write about, one blog just isn’t enough 🙂 Actually, I have less time to write now than I have in ages, so this is a terrible time to start a new blog, but I wanted to do something that would be more work-related. In other words, I needed a blog […]

Beauty and the Geek in the Pink

I’ve gotten so used to responding “not much” to all inquiries of what’s up in my life that I have to scribble notes on Post Its just to remind myself of just how very much is up. Friday is my last day on my current job and I have an Inbox full of panicked and urgent […]

With Jason Mraz, It *Is* Easy Being Green

The new flower shirt is up for sale in the Mraz store. It’s pretty cute. Except for the guy one. That’s not cute – it’s super macho, if by super macho you mean it looks like something that Zac Efron kid would wear with his Moondoggie hair all shaggy in his startling blue eyes. Meh. I’d […]

David Tennant Gets Fuzzy Harry Potter Icons

As much time as I spend online, you’d think that at some point it would cease to amaze me just how interconnected the whole web is, but no. More specifically, I am always happily suprised at how many great minds think so much alike in so many odd ways. Here’s what got me going: My boss is […]