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Jason Mraz Updates: Tour, TV and YouTube

So much Mraz news, so far behind. Some highlights:


  • The Grati-tube Cafe videos are awesome. I’ve watched them all a bunch of times and they still make me chuckle. I also learned something from them. For example, in “Inspiration”, I learned that Jason has a tattoo I was previously unaware of.
  • Jason won two Teen Choice Awards this week: Choice Music Album Male Artist for “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things.” and Choice Music Male Artist.
  • Jason will be performing at Farm Aid at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Maryland Heights, Missouri on October 4, 2009. Yee haw! Nice to see that he’s always available for these good causes. Tickets are on sale now if you’re intersted.
  • Matti, our Finnish friend, was kind enough to email me a review of Jason’s “secret” show in Paris. I say “secret” because it was announced and people showed up, so it was more of a “low-key, spontaneous” show. Visit Matti’s blog, GlimmerofWhimsy for the review and some pictures and video.
  • James Morrison, my current favorite singer who is not Jason Mraz, is being featured in Overstock.com commericals. Jason’s music was used in their commercials last year, and now I’m thinking that maybe I should shop there (but I probably won’t because I’m a creature of habit and Amazon is just easier).
  • There’s a new contest, sponsored by Buckle and Hurley to win a weekend trip to see Mraz perform at the Hollywood Bowl on October 10th. You have until August 31st to enter at buckle.com. Buckle is also selling three shirts designed by Jason, although I only see this one listed on their site.

Crazy is the forecast all week,


James Morrison Smells Like Teen Spirit

Not that I’ve ever gotten close enough to him myself to find out.

Just found this clip of James Morrison doing Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and couldn’t share it fast enough. James covers a lot of songs well, but this is one that I wouldn’t have expected him to try. I’d love to see it live.

Morrison Teen Spirit

As grateful as I am for Jason Mraz in and of himself, I am especially grateful to him for introducing me to James Morrison.

And Bushwalla.

And the Makepeace Brothers.

And Chocomole.

And regular bursts of the kind of pure joy that you don’t experience much past the age of six when the Tooth Fairy, Santa and the Easter Bunny have all turned out to be not quite what you thought they were, although coloring, running til you fall down and things that glow in the dark are all still really amazing.

Wait, just found this clip. James Morrison is busking for charity – awesome on its own – and he’s singing “Wishing Well”, a song that doesn’t get nearly enough appreciation.

Morrison Wishing Well

I’m falling in love with you,

Jason Mraz at the Pearl, Las Vegas, May 9, 2009: Concert Review

It was incredible. Just, incredible. *Hint, hint*

Got to the Pearl a little after 11:00 last night. It’s a really nice venue, not too big, so every seat in the house has a good view, from what I could tell. They even have drink holders/foot rests, which I appreciated.

The Pearl Theater

The Pearl Theater

The show started promptly at midnight, but not in a way I expected. When the lights dimmed and someone came out to do introductions, it wasn’t Jason. It was Bushwalla. Woo hoo! I was really hoping he’d launch into “Psycho Killer”, but no such luck.

Instead, he started to talk about the man coming to the stage, how he was voted most entertaining college of the year (“stop, switch that around”) and his mother voted him most attractive man in the world two years in a row or something, just general goofy stuff, but that didn’t sound anything like James Morrison. But he wasn’t introducing James Morrison.

He was introducing Justin Kredible.

Ha! Already we had a good idea that this show was going to be a little different. At least, I haven’t heard that these two have been traveling with Jason for this past tour, so I’m guessing it was a “Hey, you should come hang out in Vegas with me” thing.

Justin levitated the Music, Magic, Makepeace table and did his balloon sword swallowing, and then we finally got us some James Morrison.

All you need to know about James Morrison is that he’s phenomenal, and his act provides a crazy juxtaposition with Jason’s. Jason shares the stage. He can make even a large crowd feel like they’re hanging out in his living room. He doesn’t need to control the room, he just sort of musically cuddles with it.

James Morrison though could have a big sign behind him screaming, “I’m a fucking rock star, bitch!” I mean, he comes across very likable and charming, but he gives off an insane amount of energy, prowling back and forth, dropping to his knees, never letting up for a second, thrashing and flinging attitude (and a good amount of sweat) all over the room.

Last year, talking about Bushwalla I said:
Bushwalla took over the stage. I don’t just mean he took his turn, I mean he took the stage over his knee and he owned that bitch.”

And that’s James Morrison too.  Just sit back and let him do what he wants with you. Here’s his set list:

1. The Only Night
2. Under the Influence
3. You Give Me Something
4. Broken Strings
, with Beverly Brown (I think)
5. If You Don’t Wanna Love Me
6. Precious Love
7. Nothing Ever Hurt Like You -> Uptight
(This one got going so fast and so intense I thought he might explode. Phenomenal.)
8. Wonderful World

James left the stage around 12:45, but I really didn’t want him to stop playing. It was my first time seeing him live and he absolutely left me wanting more. At least we have YouTube.

About half an hour later, Bushwalla and Justin Kredible came back out to do a little more magic (the bowling ball trick) and introduce Jason. Again I was hoping for some Bushwalla tunes, maybe “Creatures in the Yard” or “Acoustic Rhymer”, but no joy. Instead, it went like this:

1. Fun, Fun Fun/I Want to Thank You (? – Anyone have a better title for this?) – First time I’ve heard this live. A really good, energetic way to kick off a show.
2. No Doubling Back – I love to hear the oldies that none of the new “I’m Yours” fans know.
3. Remedy -> Geek in the Pink
4. Anything You Want? Love, Love, Love?– Ashamed to say I don’t know the name of this one. It was sort of a reggae thing, but I have no idea if it’s a cover or one of his own. Please don’t think less of me.
5. Live High, with three of the ladies from Voices of Prayze in San Diego – More special guests!
6. Details in the Fabric– This is the song I was most looking forward to, since James Morrison was there to do his part, but it was a little disappointing, probably more for Jason than anyone else. At the beginning of the song he did a little rhyming about traveling around and getting messages from people while he’s on the road. Then he held up a walkie talkie. Knowing that Bushwalla was also in the house, it was safe to assume that he was on the other end, doing the answering machine message.

Unfortunately, the walkies didn’t want to talkie, so the very cool, mellow intro was broken up by feedback and silence and technical difficulties. Bushwalla came out on the stage after a while and got a few words in, but when Jason launched into the song he seemed a little annoyed? Thrown off? Disappointed? James did come out for his bit, but it was like the momentum was all off, so it was good, but not as stellar as I imagined it. (Again, at least we still have the YouTube versions.)

I was hoping James would have stayed out to do another song or two with Jason, but that was it for him.
7. Unfold – With an extra long Dave Matthews-style jam in the middle so each musician could have the spotlight for a bit.
8. Beautiful Mess
9. Lucky – Jason started strumming this one, then said what a very lucky man he was… and Colbie Caillat walked out. I’m not a huge fan, but it was very, very cool to see them perform together. She’s very tall.
10. Make It Mine
11. Dynamo of Volition
12. I’m Yours – No sing along or “Three Little Birds” here. Just ended the song in the normal place.
Musical Intermission as Jason left the stage for a few minutes and the rest of the band kept playing a Miami Sound Machine sort of tune.
13. Plane – Finally! Jason and Toca played this one the way I first heard it: intimate, stripped down, almost haunting. I never really got the Mr. A-Z version with the sweeping orchestra behind it. This song made the whole show for me.
14. All Night Long – So good. An oldie, but still a lot of fun, played with the same kind of fun and joy we got on the last tour with “Build Me Up Buttercup”.
15. Fall Through Glass – Thank you! You can’t show us a Bushwalla in Act 1 and not have him go off in Act 3. They even did the freeze frame at the end, although wihtout J Kreds and the Polaroids.
16. Butterfly – Made even better by having Bushwalla and Tricia, Jason’s Joyologist, (at least I think it was her) hoola hooped through the whole song. Their stamina was very impressive. I could see Justin at the side of stage dancing his ass off as well.

Show finished around 3:00 a.m. and I finally got a cab around 3:45. And now I’m at the airport with just three hours of sleep for the night and ready for some lunch.

I’ll remember where the love was found,

New James Morrison EP

James Morrison just put out new versions of three of his songs, “You Make It Real”, “Once When I Was Little” and “Broken Strings”. Check iTunes for Live From Air Studios, London. Songs are .99 each or $2.49 for all three, a total bargain.

Can’t wait to see him with Mraz in Vegas tomorrow!

morrison air studios

Jason Mraz and James Morrison in Vegas: Less Than a Week Away!

The Pearl Theater

The Pearl Theater at the Palms Casino

I can’t wait to head to Vegas on Friday.

Jason Mraz and James Morrison all in one show? It’s going to be phenomenal. Or at least I hope it will be. I try not to have high expectations about live shows because you just never know if someone is going to have an off night, but no matter how much I try to dampen my excitement for this show, I can’t help but think it’s going to be incredible.

I really hope someone is taping it for archive.org.

Who else is going? Anyone want to meet up for a drink before the show? Around 10:00? I don’t know the Palms at all, but there must be a bar near the Pearl Theater. Looks like the Island Bar is close-ish. Leave me a note and we’ll work something out.

Yeah, Yeah, Back to the Mraz

But Robert Pattinson is very pretty. I leafed through GQ in the store last week because he was on the cover, and then I actually bought GQ because there was also a Neil Patrick Harris spread inside. He’s too cool. Finding Zachary Quinto in the same issue was just icing on the cake. I love how creepysexy he is.

A few new Mraz things in the news:

Jason is taking part in Record Store Day, which is a big effort to get people to remember when they used to buy physical discs and things with music on them, rather than just files. There’s some special Jason Mraz shirt being sold at participating stores, but I can’t find a picture of it.

The Concert Live Bundle

The Mraz Concert Live Bundle

The Concert Live bundle is still up for sale – a recording of Jason’s show in Manchester, England, and a few other bits and bobs. It says it’s an exclusive UK offer, but I ordered it with no problem. They let you put in an international address for shipping, and it still only comes to US$20 or so.

Speaking of live shows, it looks like the Mraz & Morrison at Midnight show in Vegas next month is sold out. I have my ticket but am still debating whether or not to go. I was just in Vegas in January, I’ve seen Jason plenty in the past year, and it’s money that could be spent more responsibly in other ways. Then again, I’ve never seen James Morrison live, and I think the two together will be phenomenal. I’ll keep thinking about it.

A while ago Jason blogged about nail clippers, and the crazy random happenstances he’s had around them. I think Jason is my nail clippers. As if it’s not enough that “I’m Yours” is being played in those Verizon ads on TV every five minutes, and the song is on the radio all the time, the other day I was listening to James Morrison in the car, switched to the radio to get a traffic update, and just then Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson were talking about who’s going to win “American Idol” and Randy said one of the contestants was really talented and natural on stage, “just like our boy, Jason Mraz”. 

I never watch the show so I have no idea who they were talking about, but I like that comparing someone to Jason is a compliment in their books, and I like that I always seem to tune in to these things at the exact right time.

And, FYI, today is a very, very happy day. Ding dong, the witch is dead… or at least demoted to a position that makes my workplace almost entirely stress free.

Reveling in energy that everyone’s admitting,

I’m Back… And Going to Vegas

If you ever have a chance to be in a gay parade, do it.

If you ever have a chance to be in a gay parade, do it.

Hello. I’m Stateside again, got back last Friday and have spent this week trying to keep my eyes open at work.

I had a fantastic trip – not quite as crazy as the traveling I did a few years ago – but saw some great sights, met a lot of wonderful people from all over, and heard enough Mraz wafting through shop doors and passing cars to keep me tied to reality.

I had two weeks in New Zealand and then four days in Sydney, just enough time to see some friends and participate in the Mardi Gras parade there. It was crazy, but tons of fun. The men were all gorgeous, and even though they were only checking each other out, my friends and I had a blast just dancing around and enjoying all the positive energy. 

While I was away I saw the comments about “I’m Yours” being used in a commercial, and sure enough, over the weekend as I lounged around and caught up on episodes of “Lost” and “Heroes” and “Chuck” I heard it at least a dozen times. It’s weird, but I support anything that makes Jason a little money and gives him enough cred with the record company types who decide how much freedom he’ll have on his next projects. Keep the money men happy and I’m sure you wind up with a lot more independence and room to play.

I bought a ticket for the May 9th Jason Mraz-James Morrison show in Vegasand I’m really excited. Feeling a little guilty about spending money that I should be saving, but we got bonus checks yesterday, and while they aren’t anywhere close to AIG figures, it gives me a little bit to play with. I still have to book my hotel and flights, but I’m hoping another friend or two will decide to come along with me.

Viva Las Vegas,