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2009: The Year in Jason Mraz

I did this last year, but it was easier then because I was writing more often and had more information to choose from. Still, there were definite highlights this year, so let’s take a quick look back at 2009.


Mraz on SNL


  • This time in 2008, Jason went to Africa and told us all about it. This time in 2009, I went to New Zealand and Australia and wrote a bit about it, including all the Mraz… soundings? (like a sighting, but aural instead of visual) I had.


  • I played a lame April Fool’s joke and said that I was going to turn this space into a Robert Pattinson fan site. No one bought it, but that post remains one of the most trafficked on here. Thanks, Twilighters.


Jason Mraz and lasers


  • Jason taught us about Freestyle Yoga, and I find it even harder to believe that they wouldn’t let him host SNL. I mean, musical guest is good and all, but he’s at least as funny as Justin Timberlake.


  • Jason was all over the place this summer. He toured, he was on TV, and the radio couldn’t get enough of him. This month he played The Today Show, the Outside Lands festival in San Francisco, and I got to see him at the Ironside Ampitheater in Murphys, a little town I didn’t even know existed until this show.
  • Also in August I heard some strange rumblings about the Cafe Gratitude. Let’s hope it’s not really as creepy as some former employees make it sound.


  • Jason broke the Billboard record when “I’m Yours” logged a chart-best 70th week, passing the 69-week stay of LeAnn Rimes’ “How Do I Live”. It stayed on for a total of 76 weeks.



  • Not only was Jason popular enough to perform on SNL earlier this year, apparently he became recognizable enough to be lampooned on SNL. Joseph Gordon Levitt did an excellent job of it.


Here’s hoping for more Mrazaliciousness in 2010. Whatever that is.



Jason Mraz Does Outside Lands 2009

I got the email yesterday that our boy Mraz will be at San Francsico’s Outside Lands festival this summer. The three-day event is almost in my backyard (just across the bay, actually), so I figured it would be an easy show to catch, but tickets start around $200, if I’m reading this right.

So, maybe not.


I was happy to see that his name is up there on the second line, in a good sized font. Just a year ago I’ll bet he would have been squished in the middle somewhere, but he’s movin’ on up.