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Meeting Mraz Fans Around the World

Mraz travels

The next best thing to traveling is meeting people from far away places and learning more about them. Also, making them promise to let you stay on their couch when you do the around-the-world trip that you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t because you don’t have enough couches lined up just yet.

I had a comment on the “Lyrics to Jason Mraz’s Live High” post from Marcelo. He needed some more lyrics, I did my best to get them for him, and he wrote to say thanks, and to let me know he and his friends were starting a Jason Mraz forum in Brazil. How sweet is that?

It shouldn’t suprise me that Mraz has fans in South America. He may not tour there as often as he does Germany or Japan, but what with the InterGoogleTube these days, an artist doesn’t have to show up in your front yard for you to hear what he has to say.

What I would really like to do is plan a trip around the world where I could meet up with other Mraz fans. We could have sing-a-longs, read our favorite Mraz blogs to each other, make fresh Mraz Chocomole, and figure out how to spread our own brand of Jason-flavored diplomacy to others: Do what you love. Be good to others. Eat chocolate.

So, where are the rest of you reading this from? And who wants to become a Mraz Embassy stop for my tour?


Jason Mraz, Avocado Farmer

My friends are too good to me. They see these little Mraz bits and pieces on tv or out on the web and they send them my way to make sure I’m not missing out on anything. This morning I hopped on to Facebook to see what was going on and found this gem:

Mraz CNN 

There’s an article and video on CNN.com, as well as Jason’s recipe for Chocomole! That’s just fun to say. Choc-oh-mole-ay, Olé! Memorial Day weekend may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t whip up something new for a crowd. 

Mraz’s Chocomole Recipe:

Note: This will make a huge bowl big enough for a family of four. You’ll want to share this with friends.

Mash up 5 ripened avocados
Add 1 – 2 cups of chopped or blended dates
1 soft cup of raw cacao
1 easy cup of raw carob powder
1 tbsp. vanilla

Add a few long pours of agave nectar to sweeten to liking. Then add half cups of cocoa and keep adding until chocolate taste is right. Careful not to overdo it — if you add too much, it can get bitter.

You will love.


Mmmmraz and chocolate and fresh avocado… life doesn’t get a whole lot better than this (unless there’s a cabana boy involved). I’m not entirely sure where to get raw carob powder, but it sounds like something Trader Joe’s should carry.  The beauty of creating kitchen art is that you can add or subtract to any recipe as you see fit, or depending on what you have handy in your kitchen.

Too much yummy avacado-y food on my plate,