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What’s Jason Mraz Doing in 2010?

Hell if I know.

Joseph Gordon-Mraz on SNL

Now then, moving on. I can’t believe I forgot about the People’s Choice Awards last night. Well, I can believe it because I’ve been going in circles and forgetting lots of things lately, but still. I looked at the TV Guide, I saw that there were “Glee” reruns and didn’t really bother to see what else was on.

I did, however, flip around during commercials and at some point saw that the awards were on and even managed to catch Jason’s category, probably using the same Mrazian luck that had me catch the Joseph Gordon-Levitt skit about Mraz on SNL even though I rarely watch the show.

As you probably know by now, Jason didn’t win in the Favorite Male Artist cateogry. Keith Urban did, and that’s ok because I always get a kick out of seeing this Nashville looking guy get up and saunter on stage and then open his mouth and talk like Steve Irwin (May He Rest In Peace).

It was a little surprising because the rest of the awards followed the Teen Choice model, with vampires and Disney acts doing very well, and I would have thought the Tween Twitter crowd would have been more in Jason’s demographic than Keiths, but maybe the Aussies pulled some strings.

If radio play is an indicator, Jason might be having a quieter 2010 than 2009 was for him. I wrote a while back that “I’m Yours” was on almost every morning around the time my alarm went off, but I haven’t heard it in a few weeks now. Instead, there are Mraz-esque songs in its place. I’m talking about Michael Franti’s “Say Hey (I Love You)” and Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister”.

They both have the same beachy, casual vibe, but they haven’t been played thousands of times so they come off a little fresher.

My hope for Jason in 2010 is that he gets a little rest, a lot of free play time to foster his creativity and that we all get to see him live at least once this summer.

Ain’t that Mr. Mister on the radio?


Can We Call Him Mini Makana?

Prodigy? Whiner? I don’t know. He’s kind of cute, but I prefer the ordering-at-McDonald’s cover of “I’m Yours”.

Jason likes it though.

Ukulele Boys sings "I'm Yours"

The only answer is ‘yes’,

Mraz Breaks Billboard Record

This is a neat little tidbit:

In addition to the Black Eyed Peas making Billboard Hot 100 history last week, Jason Mraz did, as well, when “I’m Yours” logged a chart-best 70th week, passing the 69-week stay of LeAnn Rimes’ “How Do I Live.”

Going forward, the record for longest Hot 100 chart life will continue to be re-written as long as “I’m Yours” remains on the list, and that could be for awhile. This week, the song, a lofty No. 2 on Adult Contemporary, ranks at No. 32 on the Hot 100 in its record-extending 71st chart week.

Jason Mraz on Regis and Kelly

mraz_regisI’m a bit behind, but if you haven’t seen it yet, Jason’s performance on Regis and Kelly from December 11 is now available on their site. Click the tab for 2008 Performances and he’s just a few down on the list.

He’s playing his “brand new” hit, “I’m Yours”, but it’s an acoustic version with just him and Toca, which is a really nice change from the radio version that we’ve all heard a few dozen times too many.

Actually, when I was in Florida I mentioned to my friend that I couldn’t believe how often I was hearing the song, and she said she didn’t think she’d heard it on the radio at all. Then I got back to California, and the next morning my radio alarm went off just as “I’m Yours” came on. It was like it was tuned up and all ready to go for me.

Then I went to drop off film and the song came on as I walked into the photo place. Then I got back in my car and there it was again. Is it following us somehow? Or do we just have very good timing?

I drew a new face and I laughed,

Jason Mraz: Grammy Nominee?

grammyWell here’s something I never thought would happen. “I’m Yours” was nominated for a Grammy for both Song of the Year and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. I wouldn’t have known except Maureen was kind enough to leave a comment for me with the news.

It’s funny, because this morning I read an article at SFGate.com about how this year’s poor field of nominees in all categories was a sign of how terribly dull music has become, and I thought, “What a shame that Jason will never be popular enough to get any kind of award.”

Then I thought it really wasn’t that much of a shame, because do we really want him lumped in with Justin Timberlake and the Jonas Brothers?

And now I find out that he was nominated, but of course it’s for a song that’s a few years old, and isn’t nearly as good as most of what he’s done. (In my opinion. Others are free to disagree.)

Still, it’s exciting to see him get some kind of recognition. And maybe he’ll show up at the awards barefoot.

Update, 12/6/08: Turns out Jason actually got three nominations. I didn’t see the one for Best engineered album (non-classical), but Maureen is on top of things for us. Thanks!

Listen to the music of the moment, dance and sing,