The Doctrine

Hello Friends, 

Are you looking for hope, guidance, and the kind of spiritual reassurance that a cult who gives out personality tests to find gullible people to brainwash into submission just can’t provide? Awesome.

Have you found yourself listening to Jason Mraz in your car, at home, or maybe even live, and caught yourself thinking that if only more people thought like him, we’d be a whole lot better off as a species? Brilliant.

And do you know where to draw the line between leisurely enthusiasm and obsessive devotion? Sweet. You’re totally in.

In to what? Into our new Jason Mraz-inspired faith-ish type thing. It’s something that I’ve had simmering in my head for a while now, what with most of the news from the world being bad and all. In times of trouble or despair, people look for answers, direction. For some that means returning to the faith they had as a child. For White Stripes fans, it might mean turning to a squirrel. For me, it usually means putting in one of my many Mraz live shows and letting the voice of our own town troubadour wash over me and scrub my soul clean.

So why not start a pseudo religion based on the words of the (Curbside) Prophet Mraz?

If can do it, so can I – although some of those Jedi people are really manic. I don’t think we should be challenging them to a holy war anytime soon. Besides, at… *deep breath*… 30, I’m still wondering what I should be when I grow up. Leader of a new music-based faith wasn’t high on my list of dream occupations, but what the hell, I’ll give it a shot. The hours are flexible and I don’t have to sit in a cubicle or share a bathroom.

Ground Rules… Well, Not Really Rules. More Like Guidelines.

Places of Worship
There will be no physical buildings involved – no churches, no pews, no statues, no alters, no stained glass, no tents or embassies or actual temples. All these things will have to exist inside you, and you’ll just have to plug into your ipod and imagine retreating to them when you’re in need of a little soul saving. My inner temple looks a lot like the Scharffen Berger chocolate factory, with the heavenly scent of processed cacao wafting into the hot tub room.

As far as actions, there is no praying, no dues paying, no kneeling, no eating of wafers or drinking of wine, no self-flagellation, no chanting and certainly no white shirt, bicycle-riding, magazine-passing-outing, door-to-door salesmanship of our beliefs. There is being kind to others, self-enlightenment and lifelong learning and exploring and growing, drinking and eating anything you like and not always in moderation, expressing yourself in whatever creative outlet you are most comfortable with (even if it’s yodeling or silkscreening t-shirts or painting house numbers on curbs, or being Canadian) and singing in the car, in the shower and in rowdy groups around campfires – but only spontaneously. No schedule must be maintained and there is no punishment for not doing it.

The Mrazian Universe
Cosmically, there is no heaven or hell in our book, no fear of damnation or eternity in flames. Your reward for being true to the Mrazonistic principles is walking around with a little hope and joy in your heart, libido firmly acknowledged and appreciated, knowing in your very core that you are truly alive and not just going through the motions. Your mind will be strong and your wit sharp. All devout Mrazonites will have incredibly quick, dry and cheesy senses of humor. Bad jokes are encouraged, but timing is key. Instead of punishment, the only thing that will happen by straying from the path of enlightenment is you will miss out on a lifetime of optimism, of seeing things not as they are, but how they could be, of looking for the best in people, but knowing that you might not always find it, and being ok with that. And you’ll never get the jokes.

And here’s our mantra: We won’t worry our lives away. Simple as that. Easily embroidered on a pillow (”Thou shalt not worry thou’s life away”, or the more commercial, “Don’t worry, be happy.”) and simple to repeat throughout the day while being cut off in traffic and such.

And what would Mraz say about all this? Well as a guy who seems to have his tongue in his cheek just as often as his heart is on his sleeve, I think he’d say that if we could get 10,000 motherfuckers to stand up and sing out loud… well… glory glory. That’ll do.

Be Swell,


11 responses to “The Doctrine

  • KAt

    Have you tried these guys they play with Jason always when he is in the UK and they are releasing a single where JAson his a hidden b side:

  • Teri

    Hi Lisa,
    Just wanted to drop a line to tell you how much I enjoyed stumbling onto your blog tonight. I’ve been randomly poking around and I really enjoy your writing style; like you, I also enjoy a clever turn of phrase, Gilmore Girls, cookies, and of course, all things Mraz. Sorry I don’t watch Dr. Who, but I do love to listen to geeks talk about whatever they’re geeks over, simply to see the light in their eyes and the passion in their voices.

    I’ve known of Mraz for a while but really became completely infatuated only within the last month or so, buying 3 CDs (the live ones are definitely best), watching countless hours of YouTube clips, and voraciously consuming his blog (his description of agape was very powerful to me as well). I don’t know how one guy can write so many songs about love and have them all sound different. Aside from his musicality, witty wordplay and incredible improvisational skills, I fell in love with the unbridled joy that permeates every note of his music and every word he writes, sings or speaks, and his boundless determination to appreciate the beauty in life, which he finds or makes himself whenever it’s not readily available or obvious. And until now I hadn’t thought of it this way but yes, I’ve been worshipping in the Mraz temple and living life by his guidelines.

    The idea that’s implanted itself most firmly in my consciousness at this point in time is the zen quote he titled one of his blog postings with: The Beginner’s mind is a beautiful place to come from. Zen philosophies are like granola to me – your mind just chews on them for a while and they take some time to digest. I’d heard this one before but this was the first time I’d seen someone champion it, even so far as to tattoo it on their arm. Being a beginner is simultaneously scary and exhilarating but no risk, no reward. I feel emboldened when the rest of his words run through my head: “I don’t bother with ‘it’s too late to learn that, i’ll look silly.’ Be here now. What better time to give yourself a positive affirmation and start having fun.” I’ve been wanting to dust off my clarinet, learn to swim, and take an Intro to Dance Movement class for a few years now, and it looks like this year, with the help of my fortuitous and timely discovery of the fabulousity of Mraz, I am finally ready to embrace the opportunities I have to make all 3 of these things happen. I’m ready to make it all mine.

    In fact, I was supposed to be leaving to practice the swimming tonight when I got distracted by your Doctrine. But as it was time spent exploring like minds and cultivating my newfound “faith-ish type thing”, I still consider it time that will eventually further the cause.

    I do think Mraz would rock DWTS by the way, because he DOES like to shake it, he would embrace the beginnerishness of it, he would carry off a waltz with grace and serenity, in the rumba he’d be her pole, the cheekiness in the cha-cha would be a piece of cake, and in the freestyle he’d bring the house down by juggling avocaDOOOOS while doing that swiveling ride-the-pony dance I can’t get enough of.

    Anyway thanks for providing a space for me to sing praise to our dynamo. I look forward to returning to read your other posts. Since I only discovered him recently and he’s been overseas I haven’t yet been able to experience the delirium of enjoying him live, and I’m sorry I don’t live someplace more exotic but if I’m ever lucky enough for him to pass close enough you’re welcome to visit the Mraz Embassy of Santa Rosa, CA and we’ll try to make your stay enjoyable.

    Celebrating the malleable reality,

  • curbsideprophecies

    Hi Teri,

    Thanks very much for your thoughtful comments. I love to hear that I’m not the only one who reasons things out, like, “If Mraz can learn magic in his 30s, why shouldn’t I take trapeeze lessons?”

    The only thing I might add is that when writing about Jason, I don’t think of it as living by “his” guidelines, so much as living by common sense, kindness and human decency, which Jason aspires to, highly recommends, and elevates in a beautifully artistic way. But I get what you mean 🙂


  • Paulina

    YES! I’ve always felt this way about spirituality and found myself quite connected with Mraz’s views. As a Mrazian theorist I am in accordance with this blog and hope that people just do good for each other. I’m in grad school to become a mental health professional…easing tension–self-discovery…just living life to the best they can…there are too many people filled with doubt…so wrapped up with negativity they forget what life is…the beauty..and that you’ve got to live your OWN life! I can’t wait to see Mraz in concert 10.11.08–maybe his sermon will inspire me!

    La la la la life is wonderful!

  • Maggie

    I have to say, this was probably the best website I’ve come across in a long time. I live in the ultimate Mrazian universe, and am actually rather accomplished in converting others (and it usually doesn’t take any convincing-one song and their suddenly Mrazified).
    I wish I knew you so I could give you a high five for all this, it’s truly awesome and I’m definitely going to be a regular on the Curbside Prophecies website!


  • mraz fan

    Haha, this gave me a laugh. It would be better if “curbside prophet” didn’t mean “prostitute,” tho.

    But I have to say: “that if only more people thought like him, we’d be a whole lot better off as a species? Brilliant.”

    …so true.

  • lori78

    Though I don’t agree of worshipping mraz as a prophet, I certainly admire him for the person that he is!

    I’ve known and heard of him since 2005/2006 but it wasn’t until last year that i’ve permitted myself to be called a “fan”. It’s wasn’t i’m yours that got me hooked to his music. It was his eagle ballroom version of absolutely zero! I was searching for songs to add to my playlist and I stumbled on that one. Gosh! I couldn’t belive how incredible he sounded! Shivers all over(lol!).

    From then on, I fell absolutely in love with his music…and I read his blog too. His words have been an inspiration. I won’t worry, worry my life is one of my favorite lines.

    So glad i’ve stumbled upon your blog. I’ve added you to my blogroll so i could keep abreast with your posts of all things mraz!

    God bless!

    Check out my blog too at http//

  • audmraz

    Happy to stumble upon your blog.

    Just like lori78 above, have heard Jason’s music for some time (since You and I Both etc) but only became a HUGE FAN last year, after listening to A Beautiful Mess and Please Don’t Tell Her live on Youtube.

    I flew 2 1/2 hours to see him live last month in KL – an absolutely AWESOME performance! Now I fully understand why people go gaga after seeing him perform live.

    enjoying your blog, so keep it up!

    why don’t we sleep all day,

  • Brian Hawkins

    First of all, I would just like to say that Jason Mraz if defintely an incredibly gifted man, but I have to ask a serious question and hope that I do not offend anybody… What are your spiritual beliefs? I ask this only because there is a lot of “praising” and pseudo-worshipping of Mr. Mraz on this site (I just happened to stumble upon this site or maybe I was divinely directed). Is it clear what Mr. Mraz’s spiritual beliefs are. Please let me know.

    • curbsideprophecies

      Hi Brian,

      You should take anything that I’ve written here as being firmly tongue-in-cheek. I have no religious beliefs of my own and am not trying to convert anyone to anything. If I refer to Mraz as a Prophet, it’s all in fun, sort of like the flying spaghetti monster. I think he’s a wonderful artist, but one that anyone with any kind of beliefs can enjoy.

      When I wrote up the Doctrine, it was just for a laugh. I figured the only way I would ever belong to any sort of organized group it would be one with no meetings, no rules, no leaders and no actual organization. So mostly this site is for tour news, chatter on new songs and Mraz-related musings, but I think giving it a pseudo-spiritual feel ties it all together a little better. Call it a narrative device, or just a goofy idea, but please don’t take it seriously.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  • TimesWatcher

    Jason Mraz actually drove onto our parking lot when my buddy and I were filming a parody of HIS song, I’m Yours! It was awesome! He showed up in a limo with his security guy and everything and got out and started telling me to quit doing his music! My buddy kept filming so we have it ALL on video!
    It’s on my youtube channel. Check it out. It’s called:

    Scandal: Jason Mraz CRASHES My Video ‘It’s Yours’ – A Parody of “I’m Yours”

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