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Jon Baron is a Sweetheart

I’m trying to become the top online destination for “Jon Baron”. I don’t think there’s any money in it, but it’s probably easier than becoming the top destination for “Jason Mraz”. Although if you search for “Jason Mraz hat” I do come in first.

Anyway, Jon Baron really is a sweetheart. It could be why his name is so large in the word cloud on the right there even though I’m sure other keywords have come up more often. I think WordPress just senses his thoughtfulness and bumps him up a couple of font sizes for his acts of kindness and generosity.

Here’s the story: A couple of weeks ago, Jon Baron came in to the office and mentioned that he heard Mraz on the radio that morning. He said, “The song went something like ‘She rocks, la la la, she rolls, do do do…'” Then he hummed a little, which was charming, if not very musical.

I broke the news that there was no Jason Mraz song like that, but thanked him for thinking of Mraz all the same.

Then, last week, Jon Baron came to work and gave me a little thank you gift for all the baby party stuff I did for him in the office. (We decorated his desk with pink paper dolls that coworkers added their own individual styles to, there was cake, cupcakes, some gifts, and baby pictures ready at his desk so he wouldn’t have to miss her too much during the day.) The gift was a CD by some guy I’d never heard before, Eric Hutchinson. It’s titled Sounds Like This and, sure enough, features a song called “Rock & Roll”. It’s the Mraz-esque song Jon heard on the radio and then tracked down, figuring if I liked one I would probably like the other.

One of the "I'm Yours" video t-shirts from Blend Apparel.

One of the "I'm Yours" video shirts from Blend Apparel.

The CD is pretty good and it does have some strong Mraz flavor to it. I checked out Eric Hutchinson’s website and learned that Eric’s favorite things include San Diego, avocados and Blend Apparel. Hmmm, interesting.

The album is on iTunes and probably everywhere else. If you like it, drop me a note and say ‘thank you’ to Jon Baron.

You don’t have to believe me,


Couch-Surfing Mraz Fan Seeks A… Uh… Couch

A city full of couches.

San Diego: A city full of couches.

Headlines are always the hardest part to write. This one made me think of, “Allow myself to introduce… myself.”

Here’s the deal. A while back I wrote about the guy who went around the world and made the video of himself dancing with all kinds of people in crazy locations. I thought it would be fun to do the same thing, minus the silly dancing (at least on camera) but with a Mraz theme.

I’m not going around the world, just yet, but a friend and I did get tickets for Jason’s shows in San Diego (on Halloween) and LA (Nov. 1st) and when the topic of where we should stay came up, I said, “Well, let’s ask the fans.”

So if anyone would like to offer a guest room, couch or floor to a couple of very well-mannered house guests, I would love to meet you. We can make a Mraz weekend out of it, see some of his San Diego sights, road trip up to LA, have a sort of Northern California – Southern California cultural exchange.

I’m also going to shows in Boston, Jacksonville, FL, and Seattle. And maybe Berkeley. I have friends to stay with in those places (and I swear, I’m not a groupie, I just had a lot of people I wanted to visit and the tour dates happened to fit in nicely with my travel dates), but if you want to have a drink, say hi and talk Mraz for a while, leave me a comment and I’ll be in touch.

In all kinds of weather we would share this common pleasure, (an oldie, but a goodie)

Give David Tennant a (Shadow) Emmy

They aren’t quite the same thing, but the Shadow Emmys honor those actors and shows that are overlooked by the real Emmys. David Tennant is up for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Doctor Who and you can vote for him here:

I’m not quite sure how Burn Notice got listed as a comedy alongside Chuck and Psych, but other than that quirk there’s a good list of nominees to choose from in each category, so have a little fun with it.

The Jason Mraz Magic Channel

That wacky guy at Real Magic TV (no, not Justin Kredible, some guy named Jonathan who is much less cute and doesn’t do anything fun with ketchup or mustard but who does get to meet a lot of celebrities) has launched a Jason Mraz channel. It’s here:

It has all of Jason’s existing Real Magic clips and if any new ones get made, they’ll go there too. Yay.

Jason Mraz Stands Up to Cancer

This announcement went out yesterday:

Most of you know how closely cancer has touched Jason when his best childhood friend, Charlie, was diagnosed 7 years ago. The experience was the inspiration for his song “The Remedy” and we’ve heard from thousands of fans who have been lifted from their personal struggles with cancer by “The Remedy”.

Jason joins Melissa Etheridge and many others tomorrow night [which is now tonight, Friday, September 5th] performing on the ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ show at 8pm EST. The show will be broadcast on the ABC, CBS and NBC networks simultaneously and hosted by Melissa Etheridge.

To find more information about the cause please visit

Can You Ever Have Too Much Mraz?

Mraz on Overstock.comApparently so, because he’s’s hot new thing. Apparently he’s featured in a commercial that’s running, but I haven’t seen it yet. He’s featured on their site as well, so if you’ve been looking for a good price on Jason Mraz CDs, now’s the time to get them. It could be your one-stop Christmas shopping place.

It’s still weird for me to see Mraz be so popular and commercial and… you know…  heard of. For years I could mention him and have people just look at me like, “Yeah, never heard of him. I’m sure he’s swell, whatever, stop talking to me now, but leave the brownies.”

Lately though, I turn on the radio, flip past MTV or VH1, open a magazine, and there he is. Huh. It’s good though. More people to prophecize to and stuff, right?

Meanwhile, I just keep listening to the Dr. Horrible soundtrack (now available on iTunes). Neil Patrick Harris is the man. (“Balls.”)

Underthings, tumbling,

Make “Make It Mine” Yours

Make It Mine

Make It Mine

I’ve listened to the Dr. Horrible soundtrack several times today. It’s easy because it’s so short. And because Neil Patrick Harris sounds incredible. It’s a brand new day, baby, so put out $10 to support the gorram Whedonesque arts.

In Mraz news, Make It Mine has been officially released as the second single from WSWDWST in the UK, along with the video I reviewed a while ago, which you can find on Jason’s official YouTube channel

We do the weird stuff,