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Jason Mraz on the Today Show

mraz_todayI’m so tired of hearing “I’m Yours” on the radio that sometimes, I’m ashamed to admit, I change the station. I’m sorry, but it’s been almost two years now and they still won’t play any of his other songs, except for “Remedy” and maybe, on a rare occation, “You and I Both”. Nothing new though.

(“Lucky” doesn’t count, because they play that as much for Colbie Callait as for Jason.)

Hearing it live though is still a rush, and I got a kick out of watching so many people in the Today Show audience sing along, including little kids, old people, people in purple wigs, and I think Al Roker even knew some of the words.

He did a fun thing with “Remedy” and there’s also a web-only snippet of him talking about his hats.

I think Jason’s voice is far stronger now than it was a few years ago, even when it sounds a little tired.  It’s gotten fuller or more musical or something. Maybe he’s just more confident as a performer.

If you didn’t catch it, watch Jason now.



Jason Mraz Is Live on Today, Tomorrow

Mraz_today_showDon’t forget to set your various recording devices. Jason will be performing on the Today Show tomorrow, Friday, August 7th. Their website lists the time as 7 a.m., but I’d record the whole thing, just in case.