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Matti’s Jason Mraz Concert Review From France

I stole this awesome picture from Matti's blog. Go read it.

I stole this awesome picture from Matti's blog. Go read it.

Actually, Matti’s back from France now, so the review is really from Finland, I think, but I wanted to get “France” in the headline for search purposes. Wah ha ha.

Matti was lucky enough to see Jason *twice* in France, first in Paris then outside Toulouse. I’d be pretty happy to be in France for any reason (yeah, I know, I just got a three week vacation and have no right to be wishing for more vacation time already), but to be able to catch a couple of Mraz shows on top of that would be phenomenal.

Check out Matti’s reviews of the shows along with some clips from YouTube. Sounds like both shows were excellent, and it still astounds me that he has such a big following outside the U.S.

Le Bikini,


Jason Mraz: Live in Manchester Pre-Order

mraz-karaokeI’ve been way too beat down by work lately to have enough positive energy to write anything Mraz related. Doesn’t that bite? To be in a workplace that leaves you feeling tense and queasy every day so that all you want to do when you get home is crawl under the covers and hide?

Anyway, there may be a change coming soon, so for now I’m tuning my co-workers out, turning Mraz on (heh), and dropping lots of money on high-quality chocolate, my own personal happy drug.

You probably already saw the Jason Mraz Karaoke thing that came out a while ago. Upload a video of you singing some Mraz on YouTube before April 1st and maybe win tickets to the Vegas show.


If you aren’t a singer though, you can shell out a few bucks and definitely have some Mraz stuff sent to you. His April 3rd (I think) show in Manchester, England is going to be recorded and sold immediately afterward by Concert Live.

It’s a pretty good idea, considering all the dismal things you hear about massive declines in record sales. Record live shows and let people buy the CDs on their way out of the venue, or online if they didn’t make it to the show. It’s a way better souvenir than a shirt you’ll never really wear.

Sure, on the one hand, there are dozens of Jason’s shows that you can download for free, so why buy this one? On the other hand, I’ve downloaded lots of Jason’s shows for free, so I don’t mind buying this one. I thought the shipping might be a killer coming from the U.K., but even if you get the bundle (live CD plus bonus CD plus some other stuff) it’s just £12.00, whch comes out to US$20.

Not a bad deal. Plus, I love to know I’ve got mail on the way.

If I knew all the words, I would write myself out of here,

I’m Back… And Going to Vegas

If you ever have a chance to be in a gay parade, do it.

If you ever have a chance to be in a gay parade, do it.

Hello. I’m Stateside again, got back last Friday and have spent this week trying to keep my eyes open at work.

I had a fantastic trip – not quite as crazy as the traveling I did a few years ago – but saw some great sights, met a lot of wonderful people from all over, and heard enough Mraz wafting through shop doors and passing cars to keep me tied to reality.

I had two weeks in New Zealand and then four days in Sydney, just enough time to see some friends and participate in the Mardi Gras parade there. It was crazy, but tons of fun. The men were all gorgeous, and even though they were only checking each other out, my friends and I had a blast just dancing around and enjoying all the positive energy. 

While I was away I saw the comments about “I’m Yours” being used in a commercial, and sure enough, over the weekend as I lounged around and caught up on episodes of “Lost” and “Heroes” and “Chuck” I heard it at least a dozen times. It’s weird, but I support anything that makes Jason a little money and gives him enough cred with the record company types who decide how much freedom he’ll have on his next projects. Keep the money men happy and I’m sure you wind up with a lot more independence and room to play.

I bought a ticket for the May 9th Jason Mraz-James Morrison show in Vegasand I’m really excited. Feeling a little guilty about spending money that I should be saving, but we got bonus checks yesterday, and while they aren’t anywhere close to AIG figures, it gives me a little bit to play with. I still have to book my hotel and flights, but I’m hoping another friend or two will decide to come along with me.

Viva Las Vegas,

Hello From Auckland

Jason is featured in a Kiwi music magazine.

Jason is featured in a Kiwi music magazine.

Hi Guys,

I’m back in Auckland after four really good days in Sydney. I marched/danced in the Mardi Gras parade there and it was incredible. You haven’t lived until thousands of people have shouted and cheered for you, taken your picture and made you feel like royalty.

If you ever have a chance to be in a gay parade, do it. Doesn’t matter if you’re straight, it’s just a really good time.

Also in Sydney I met up with my friend, Heather, who is the one who did yoga with Jason. She said one of the reps from his music label practices at her studio and brought him in when he was in town last. She spoke very highly of his form and said that while he may not have been perfect at everything, he seemed very keen to learn and improve. That’s our Mraz, open to new things and always trying his best.

Sounds like lots of people got Mraz-Morrison tickets, but who has an extra for me?

I come from a land Down Under,

Mraz Love from Wellington

Hi Guys,

It finally happened. The other day I was in Taupo, which is sort of in the middle of New Zealand’s North Island, and I popped into an information center for a map. As I was scanning a wall of brochures, I heard faint notes coming from a radio behind the counter and then caught, “I won’t he-si-tate, no more, no more…”

Jason is in New Zealand! Not that I really thought he was unknown here or anything, but I hadn’t heard anything of his in a week, so I was starting to wonder.

Today I’m in Wellington and was passing by a CD store, and on a whim I went in to see if I could find WSWDWST. Not only did I find it, it was at the top of a rack of “Highly Recommended” artists. Very exciting.

I left the CD store and was walking back to my hostel, and as I passed this pub “I’m Yours” started playing. It was a lucky day all around.

Mraz is love, and he is everywhere.

(P.S. – I saw Ben’s note about Mraz and Morrison playing Vegas together. That’s a pairing I would love to see, so if anyone winds up with an extra ticket, please let me know.)