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Review: Mraz at the LA Greek Theatre, November 1, 2008

1. Make it Mine
2. Remedy -> Wonderwall
3. Clockwatching
4. Peg (Steely Dan cover)
5. If It Kills Me
6. Only Human
7. Bella Luna
8. A Beautiful Mess
9. Live High (with special guests, Voices of Prayze)
10 Oh Happy Day (with Voices of Prayze)
11. Dynamo of Volition
12. I’m Yours -> Three Little Birds
13. Lucky (with Lisa Hannigan)
14. No Stopping Us -> Invisible Gum bit -> Copacabana/Toca Rivera
15. Butterfly
16. Song for a Friend (with Voices of Prayze)

  • After the first song, Jason welcomed the “Freaks of the Greek” and took the risk of jinxing us by talking about the weather. It had poured in LA just a few hours earlier and the sky still looked ready to attack. A few drops fell during the first song, but Jason said that whenever they played a rainy festival in Europe this summer, the sun came out during their set. He said it was because they invited the kind of people who bring the sunshine with them, and that our “collective awesomeness” would keep the rain away. Sure enough, we stayed rain-free for the rest of the show.
  • Mraz looks and sounds incredibly polished this time around. Not that he doesn’t always put on a stellar show, but where the Music, Magic, Makepeace tour felt more like a bunch of friends just hanging out and doing whatever, this show feels a little more rehearsed. So it was great to see a goof, even if it was a small one: Jason dedicated a song to the moon, “wherever she is tonight”, indicating they were about to play “Bella Luna”, then stopped and said something like, “I’ve just been informed by my superband that we’re doing something else. That’s why they’re so super.”
  • I think this is one of the largest crowds I’ve ever been part of for a Mraz show, and he mentioned that people have told him they wish he could go back to playing small clubs. His reply: “Stop telling people. I didn’t do this, you guys did.” Yeah, I’m guilty of that. I love to get new Mraz recruits. It does bite me in the ass though when I can’t get good seats to a show without Craigslist, which I haven’t resorted to yet, but might have to soon.
  • Why do the lighting people think flashing the bright lights directly into the crowd at five second intervals is a good idea? Are they trying to cause seizures? Temporary blindness? Squint wrinkles?
  • The band’s name for the night: $20 Milkshake. I had a chocolate milkshake for lunch. Coincidence? Yeah.
  • The night before I was happy that Jason ended with “Butterfly”. The encore built up to a fun crescendo, with people dancing and singing and having a good time. It was an appropriate send-off for people who were headed to the Halloween parties and dances that sounded like they were going on all over the SDSU campus. In Boston, he built up the same kind of party mood, but then ended with “A Beautiful Mess”, which was pretty, but, you know, kind of a mood killer. This time, he said he had five more minutes to play and then launched into “Song for a Friend”. This could have been a downer, but because he had Voices of Praise backing him up, it turned into a really powerful, electric ending.
  • After the show, I was waiting for my friend, Anne, to get a shirt and saw a group of guys standing around the merch booth, looking like they were waiting for someone. They were cute, had perfect English accents, and turned out to be Two Spot Gobi. Had I made it to a show early enough to see them, I would have known that, but I didn’t. They chatted with a bunch of fans and sounded like very normal, polite, goofy guys. Lisa Hannigan was also around, signing autographs and taking photos with people. And walking out of the venue, I saw a Makepeace brother. At least, I’m 98% sure it was. I didn’t stop to ask him.

It’s you I love,


Couch-Surfing Mraz Fan Seeks A… Uh… Couch

A city full of couches.

San Diego: A city full of couches.

Headlines are always the hardest part to write. This one made me think of, “Allow myself to introduce… myself.”

Here’s the deal. A while back I wrote about the guy who went around the world and made the video of himself dancing with all kinds of people in crazy locations. I thought it would be fun to do the same thing, minus the silly dancing (at least on camera) but with a Mraz theme.

I’m not going around the world, just yet, but a friend and I did get tickets for Jason’s shows in San Diego (on Halloween) and LA (Nov. 1st) and when the topic of where we should stay came up, I said, “Well, let’s ask the fans.”

So if anyone would like to offer a guest room, couch or floor to a couple of very well-mannered house guests, I would love to meet you. We can make a Mraz weekend out of it, see some of his San Diego sights, road trip up to LA, have a sort of Northern California – Southern California cultural exchange.

I’m also going to shows in Boston, Jacksonville, FL, and Seattle. And maybe Berkeley. I have friends to stay with in those places (and I swear, I’m not a groupie, I just had a lot of people I wanted to visit and the tour dates happened to fit in nicely with my travel dates), but if you want to have a drink, say hi and talk Mraz for a while, leave me a comment and I’ll be in touch.

In all kinds of weather we would share this common pleasure, (an oldie, but a goodie)