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The Music, Magic & Makepeace Tour on YouTube

If you can’t get to one of the shows, or if you went and want to relive the good times, there are dozens of videos popping up on YouTube every day. I’m reluctant to recommend them now that I know Jason doesn’t love it, but then again, I feel the pain of fans who would love to see Mraz live and can’t.

So, here’s my compromise. Mraz did a live performance for a radio station in San Jose, CA on April 4th, and the video from it is excellent quality. There are no fans screaming into the microphone, it’s not all shaky and garbled, and nobody’s head is blocking the screen. Check it out here, or just look up the user darrinshimizu.

“But Lisa”, you’re asking, “what about Bushwalla and the Makepeace Brothers? They aren’t in this video.”

You’re right, so here’s my favorite of those clips:

“Acoustic Rhymer” in Santa Cruz 4/4/08: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBzyA2XhHuc

Makepeace Brothers
“Caroline” in Chicago 4/9/08: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqxQZ81gQwY

And here’s one more Mraz clip I just found and liked:
Mraz in South Korea
Nobody Likes Me / You and I Both: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e-J-EtJfXY


Review: Mraz at the Fillmore, April 5, 2008

I’m working on this one now, but I’m leaving for the airport in about two hours so it may not get done today. Where am I going? I’ll tell you on Thursday 🙂

Here are some Magical, Musical, Makepeace-able links to check out while I’m still writing:

Ok. I put together a super long review of the Santa Cruz show, so I’ll try to keep this one more compact. First, Mraz and Bushwalla began the evening of entertainment by taking it to the streets, serenading those of us who were freezing our tails off in line outside the Fillmore. It looked like this:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hd5sf6Ozu4U or this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weIvVQTAZF8

Once we went inside, the Makepeace Brothers were already singing, but not on stage. A corner in the back of the room was set up for them right on the floor, with just a piece of tape marking the line between us and them. But wait, who’s that guy leaning over their shoulder for a chat? Yep, Jason again. Then he joined them for a quick couple of songs. It made for a funny experience, spacially, because most people were already camped out in front of the stage and didn’t want to give up their spots, so a large crowd stood looking at an empty stage while the headliner was performing behind them.

Jason then walked around a bit and went upstairs and talked to some people who looked like family members. Really, if you were in the theater and didn’t bump into Jason at least once, you just weren’t paying attention. It makes me wonder if the reason some boy bands have such crazed fans is because they run from fans, so the fans have the natural reaction to chase them. Because as Jason walked around it looked like very few people bothered him, other than to say hello. Or maybe it’s because his audience has an average age higher than 14.

Justin Kredible kicked off the show again and it was almost exactly the same from the Makepeace Brothers through Bushwalla, who tore the place up again but this time with a super bonus leotard ending. Giddy up.

The set list for this show was almost entirely different from the night before. It’s great that Jason has so much good material at this point that he can mix and match and put together a different show each time. It’s disappointing if you have your heart set on a song he doesn’t play, but exciting when he pulls up an older song that you haven’t heard in a while. For this night that included “0% Interest”, which is one of my favorite songs to hear live, what with the opera and the singing along and storytelling and other elements he adds to it.

For more details on the show, you can probably just hit YouTube. I’m guessing it’s all there somewhere. That’s the positive side of having all those little screens in your face, blocking your view – they give you something to look at after the show and keep your memories fresh. However, in a radio interview Jason did yesterday (4/9) in Chicago, he apparently said that while he doesn’t mind people recording audio from shows, he doesn’t like people to take video. I didn’t get details on why from the person who heard the interview, but there you go.

Hey Mr. Tamborine Man, play a song for me,