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Jason’s Super Bowl Song for the Rest of Us

Don’t know which teams are in the Superbowl this year? (Super Bowl? Two words? I don’t care.) Did you not even know the game was this weekend? Then this song’s for you. It was in Jason’s 2/5/2006 podcast, available for free on iTunes. If you don’t have iTunes, then you can find it elsewhere.

I Want My House Back 

I just want my fucking house back
Free me from this football hell
And my kitchen is full of snacks
All I want is a place to smoke my crack
Without having to hide from the public
Always sneaking off in the back
Yeah, all i want is a place to park my car
Without having to use the street
To wanna keep it safe in my garage
Yeah all I want is a place that I can hide in
Where I can open up my slip and slide
Where I can run, where I can take a dive

Cuz I am home
Is where my heart is
Yeah home is where I belong
Yeah home is the best place to take a seat
Home cooked meal is what I wanna eat
On my own placemat
I just want my fucking house back
I just want my fucking house back
With time to rest my dogs
And plenty more time to find the cat
Yeah all I want is a day to do the laundry
But that’s a bit of a quandary
Cuz I gots no house to help me
Yeah all i want is a place to keep things quiet
So I can play Scrabble in the nude
Don’t knock it untill you’ve tried it
Yea all I want is a chance to scratch the floor
Cuz I could rearrange my furniture
In hopes to block the door

Cuz I be home
Is where my heart is
Home is where I belong
Home is the best place to take a nap
Only place on earth that feels safe to crap
Home is what I want and that’s a fact
I just want my fucking house back

Rah rah rah. Go Mraz!


Let Me Be Explicit

Selections for FriendsI was given access to iTunes at work yesterday (for “comparative analysis”, despite the fact that my job has nothing to do with any kind of music or download services) and so I hopped on to see what treats Jason Mraz had for us there. I downloaded Selections for Friends a second time (having abandonned my first copy in my last work computer), and was tickled to see that I had a choice between the Clean version and the Explicit one.

Do they really have to ask? Who wouldn’t want all the juicy bits?

Life is Wonderful,