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The Jason Mraz Magic Channel

That wacky guy at Real Magic TV (no, not Justin Kredible, some guy named Jonathan who is much less cute and doesn’t do anything fun with ketchup or mustard but who does get to meet a lot of celebrities) has launched a Jason Mraz channel. It’s here:


It has all of Jason’s existing Real Magic clips and if any new ones get made, they’ll go there too. Yay.


Mraz Magic on Real Magic TV

Mraz Real Magic TVIt’s an old performance, but one worth watching again, and they got his Curbside Prophet title just right. The email that went out says:

Hey Lisa!
In honor of Jason Mraz’s new CD release, we have posted an exclusive high resolution video of his performance of “I’m Yours” from the RMTV Acoustic Sessions. You can enjoy and share the video in two places:
FACEBOOK: http://facebook.realmagictv.com
YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irSklXqsXBo&fmt=6

Please share these video links with others, embed them on your own web pages, facebook, myspace etc. The more people that experience this great song, the more fans we can create for Jason and his music! It was because of fans like you interacting with RMTV that made Jason play ” I’m Yours” during our session. He told us then that he’d play the crap out of the song now that he knew it was so well received. We were very happy to see the song featured on Jason’s new CD “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things”, which you can pick up in stores now (if you haven’t already).

Our facebook page is new. If facebook is something you are into, please hook up with us at: http://facebook.realmagictv.com!
We’ll be meeting up with Jason again this summer, so stay tuned!