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Jason Mraz at Casino de Paris, France, September 30, 2014: Set List

Salut, Paris! This was my first-ever Mraz concert outside of the U.S. and I was super excited to be there. I spent a whole week in Paris visiting friends (I didn’t go just for this show), but this concert was certainly a highlight of my vacation.

Jason began the show by coming out and saying “bonjour” to the crowd, who all went wild. He introduced Raining Jane and then came the most important moment of the entire evening. Becky came out wearing red pants. I’ll say that one more time.




It was awesome.

We also learned that Mai spent some time living in France and speaks pretty decent French. And then they played these songs:

Love is a Battlefield

Wish You Were Here

Mona paused a moment to tell the crowd: “Paris is the shit! It’s dipped in gold and smells like chocolate.” Clearly, Mona hadn’t taken the Metro. It smells like a lot of things, but chocolate is not one of them.

The Opposite of Blue

Jason came out, but instead of joining Jane, they left and he sat on the edge of the stage and played some stripped down versions of my favorite songs. He didn’t do “I’m Coming Over” at any of the U.S. shows I went to, so that was a huge treat.

I’m Coming Over -> If It Kills Me -> and he wrapped this medley up with a little “Jai guru deva” (a la the Beatles’ “Across the Universe”) but the second time around changed “Nothin’s gonna change my world” to “Nothin’s gonna change that girl”. It’s probably a line most men have said to themselves at some point.

With Jane back on stage they launched into their set:

Hello, You Beautiful Thing

Long Drive (the girl he called up for this was adorable and in complete disbelief throughout the whole thing)

Becky’s sitar solo -> 93 Million Miles Love Someone

Jason didn’t talk as much to the crowd during this show as he did at others, maybe in case there were fans whose English wasn’t so good, but he did talk a little about how he doesn’t just wake up every day feeling super positive with rainbows shooting out over his head. He said, “I have to create the rainbow.”

And I liked that, because I know there are a lot of days where I just wait for the rainbow to appear, and then get annoyed when they don’t. So when I got back to my office a few days later, I made myself a poster. And now I annoy all of my co-workers by reminding them when they complain about things not going right, “You have to make the rainbow.” 🙂

Clearly, making inspirational posters is not my forte. But it's getting the motivational job done.

Clearly, making inspirational posters is not my forte. But it’s getting the motivational job done.

Song for a Friend -> Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics cover) -> Dynamo of Volition

During Dynamo he gave instructions on how to do the “gimme a high five – way down low – gimme a high ten” dance moves, and wow, do French people love to get up and dance. Maybe it’s because this was a smaller, more intimate venue, but everyone, even in the balcony where I was sitting, everyone got up and danced. They were having a blast.

Look at them dancing!

Look at them dancing!


I’d Rather Dance With You (?) – I think this is a cover of a song by a band called Kings of Convenience, but I’ve never heard it before – by Jason or anyone else – so correct me if you know for sure what it is.

Back to the Earth -> Living in the Moment (but just a little of it)

Mr. Curiosity

Out of nowhere Jason sang a line or two of “Fantastic Voyage”, but I suppose that’s a pretty good lead in to the video of the voyage he took to Antarctica. It’s fantastic and you should watch it again and again.

Bottom of the Sea

– Intermission –

At this point it was pretty steamy in the theater. Maybe the French don’t believe in air conditioning. But when he came back out, Jason started off with, “It’s getting hot in here…” But he didn’t take off all his clothes. He just sang some more.

You can never have too many lasers.

You can never have too many lasers.

Remedy (starting solo, then with Jane joining in)

Out of My Hands

Make It Mine

I Won’t Give Up

You and I Both

Details in the Fabric (with a shout out to his friend Billy – a.k.a. Bushwalla – for his birthday)

3 Things


Somewhere Over the Rainbow -> I’m Yours

I’m pretty sure that’s my last show for 2014, so see you in 2015!

I am following your joy,


Matti’s Jason Mraz Concert Review From France

I stole this awesome picture from Matti's blog. Go read it.

I stole this awesome picture from Matti's blog. Go read it.

Actually, Matti’s back from France now, so the review is really from Finland, I think, but I wanted to get “France” in the headline for search purposes. Wah ha ha.

Matti was lucky enough to see Jason *twice* in France, first in Paris then outside Toulouse. I’d be pretty happy to be in France for any reason (yeah, I know, I just got a three week vacation and have no right to be wishing for more vacation time already), but to be able to catch a couple of Mraz shows on top of that would be phenomenal.

Check out Matti’s reviews of the shows along with some clips from YouTube. Sounds like both shows were excellent, and it still astounds me that he has such a big following outside the U.S.

Le Bikini,