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Jason Mraz Did SNL

mrazsnlyoursDid you catch it last night? What did you think? At first Jason’s voice sounded a little strained, like maybe he was sick or getting over a sore throat, but he pulled it off. Maybe performing with shoes on threw him off.

The goatee is a new look. I dig it. He still looks awfully skinny, but happy.

And Colbie? Eh. I don’t love her, but she did alright, and I do like that she isn’t some little stick figure. She had a very cool skirt on.

Next stop: the Grammys!

Watch the SNL performance.


Don’t Forget! Mraz on SNL, Jan 31

Hey Everyone,

Just a reminder that Jason will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live tomorrow, Jan 31. Steve Martin is hosting, so the rest of the show might actually be worth watching.

Mraz SNL

Two Things I Didn’t Think I’d Ever See

A year ago, I thought Obama was a long shot. Thank goodness I was wrong.

A year ago, I thought Jason Mraz would never be mainstream enough to be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Thank goodness I was wrong?

We are so excited!!! Jason Mraz will be the featured musical guest on Saturday Night Live January 31st with host and SNL alum Steve Martin! Check local listings for station and time and be sure to tune in!

That’s from his Facebook page. And it is exciting, but it also reminds me of his LA show in November (where he packed the 5,800+ seats at the Greek Theatre) when he said that people complained to him that his shows were getting too big and popular and he said something like, “Well stop telling people. I didn’t do this, you did.”

Yes, we did.

And now I just hope that the rest of the country can join their feelings of Obama love and hope and change into the Mraz spirit of kindness and gratitude and hot sex. (I threw that last one in their from my own list of priorities. I don’t think Jason would mind.)

What a happy, wonderful place this country might start to be.

Sing to me a song of love,