Time to Get Out the Jason Mraz Holiday Video

I’ve been completely MIA on this blog this year, but come Christmas time, I get all nostalgic for the holiday video Jason made for us a couple of years ago.

In case you missed it the last two holidays, or even if you watched it a couple dozen times last December, please take a moment to enjoy Jason’s holiday message. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen him do. And that’s saying something.


Put your balls into it,


P.S. – It’s not quite as good as closed captioning, but if you want to have a sing along with friends, here are the words/lyrics to Jason’s Merry Holidays video/song.

Hi, and merry, jolly times. I’m Jason Mraz.

You know, as an international traveler, I have a really special opportunity to give unique gifts this season.

For instance, for my elderly acquaintances, I give the gift of life, by paying for their medication, cheaply, in foreign countries.

My sister’s going to love these Ritz-Carlton towels, and slippers.

Mom loves lotion and soaps.

For dad, it’s another year’s subscription to Sky Mall.

For my brother, I just got myself this new iPod. Why don’t you join me in the singing of this timeless Christmas classic?

Happy Christmas time

Happy Christ-mas time

What an awesome time of year

To celebrate Christmas cheer

Wherever you go

You may find lots of snow

Unless you’re livin’ in the southern hemisphere

Merry holidays

Merry cou-ple of days

What a wintery way to say

I’m not workin’

It’s a time for you to be you

And a time to go and see how grandma’s doin’

And maybe she’ll have some money too

And oh yeah, the presents!

The way they overflow

from the belly of the Christmas tree

And oh ho ho ho ho, here comes Santa

To say the very best things in life

You can have for free

Everybody, put your balls into it!

Merry holidays

Merry couple of days

Make it a Nat-King-Bing-Crosby-Charles-Dickensy kind of thing

So whatever you’re planning on giving this holiday season, give from the heart. But most importantly, make sure you have a merry couple of days.


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