Jason Mraz, Stripped Down in a Hallway

This headline is another good example of the importance of the comma. Much like “Let’s eat, Grandma”, without the comma you might get the wrong idea. You might think that Jason Mraz took all his clothes off in a hallway.

And would I report something so tawdry? Of course I would, but I’d punctuate it with an exclamation mark. (!)

So there’s a new contest to win one of Jason’s guitars, and that’s all well and good, but the accompanying video of him playing the guitar is freaking incredible. It’s Mraz the way I love him best – on his own.

Yes, Toca is awesome and the Grooveline Horns are groovy in their own way, but my favorite performances have always been the ones where it’s just Jason and his guitar alone on stage. Listen to “Selections for Friends” and then tell me if you disagree. You’re certainly welcome to.

This video has the added benefit of being shot in a hallway at NAMM (the National Association of Music Merchant trade show dealie), so there isn’t even an audience to get in the way, shout obnoxious things or stick their iPhones in your face.

This song sounds familiar but I can’t place it. If you know what it is, please let me know.

Torture and tease me,


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