Mraz Fans in Scotland?

Hi all. I’m trying to plan a trip for later this year and I think I’ve decided to do Scotland next. I’d love some recommendations on places I absolutely have to see from the people who live there.

Ideally, I’d like to go in July so I could attend T in the Park (Paolo  Nutini!), but I haven’t set any dates yet.

Speaking of Jason Mraz and T in the Park, here’s an interview he did there in 2009. He’s telling the story of Rand McNally, which I don’t think I’ve ever heard before. Check it out:

“I just kinda wanna be surrounded by women.” Nice.

Anyway, if you can help me out with my trip planning, please leave a note. Thanks!



3 responses to “Mraz Fans in Scotland?

  • April Moody

    Hey Lisa,

    Give our office a call – Talk with my amazingly gratitude filled colleague, Denine Hughs. She has traveled the WORLD!


    We are in Seattle…

    Sent with a heart full of peace, love & most of all gratitude!!


  • Cait

    Yes there most definately ARE Jason Mraz fans in Scotland. I am one- for instance 😛 I am also a Nutini fan – But apparently he’s not that good live. My friend went to see him and she said he was a bit drunk- but not ‘being brilliant and improvising while singing amazingly while drunk this means YOU Marcus Mumford and band’ . Just plain ‘forgetting words, staggering and slurring hangover drunk’ And I went to see him once and while not drunk he was all over the place. I heard somewhere he’s got a problem with drinking and drugs and stuff. But I suppose hen hes sber and recording hes AWESOME! And I also see you like the ‘Awesomefringenoonecanhavehairlikeitandalsoextremelyhotbutalsoanamazingactorwhoisnotafraidtocry!!! *Breath* whoshouldnthaveleftandwouldneverhaveoutstayedourwelcomeandidontcareifhes37orwhateverhesmind-blowinglyawesomelycoolioandilovehim’ -meister.
    If you read all that you will know who i mean but for those who might be reading this comment once in a blue moon- I mean of course David Tennant 😛
    So i will look at those posts now and beware of future commenting!!

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