Showing Some Mrazian Gratitude at Work

Gratitude can't come easy to a guy named Frankfurter.

“Gratitude is one of the least articulate of the emotions, especially when it’s deep.”

This was the quote that our CEO left us with when he announced his departure last week. It was his way of saying that words could not express how thankful he was to have worked with such an awesome group of people. Well, I think we’re awesome; he might use different words, like “talented” “productive” “intelligent” or “crazy sexy”.

Nope, those are my words again.

Anyway. He often punctuated his speeches with thoughts like this one, which is probably why we all liked him so much. Maybe it’s just a California thing, but I think I heard him talk about passion and kindness far more than he talked about profits, and we never seemed to have trouble finding any of those things.

The quote is by Felix Frankfurter (the dapper gentleman pictured above), who was not a Rocky Horror character as I first assumed, but an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court from 1939-1962.  Had you heard of him? No? Well sometimes you learn things when you come to my blog.

The reason I’m posting the quote isn’t just because I thought it was a nice sentiment, but because I think it’s interesting that when I am feeling my most ungrateful, unable to even imagine feeling grateful for anything ever again, gratitude finds me. Sometimes it’s a smile from a friend, sometimes it’s a bumper sticker, and sometimes it’s on a PowerPoint slide being projected onto a huge screen in a hotel ballroom.

And for the persistence of the universe in trying to keep me grounded and appreciative, I am very grateful.

I never knew it could come to me, (That’s a tough one. Any guesses which song it’s from?)


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