Mraz Plays Cord Progression in February

Mraz plays Cord ProgressionI demonstrated some excellent restraint yesterday.

I got the email that tickets were going on sale for Cord Progression, “a special night of music in support of spinal cord injury awareness” with our man Jason Mraz and our special friends Bushwalla and the Makepeace Brothers, and I was determined to go.

Sure, the show was in Long Beach and I had no idea who I was going with or how I would get there, I just wanted to go.

As soon as the clock flipped to 10:00 I was on Ticketmaster and had two sixth row tickets in my basket. Then the voices in my head started to argue:

You don’t need to spend this money.
It’s for a good cause!
You’re saving to buy a house.
I deserve a little fun!
You don’t even know if anyone else wants to go.
Who cares?!

In the end, I decided just the fact that I was hearing voices probably meant that the $160 plus travel expenses could be better spent elsewhere, or not spent at all. And there will be other Mraz shows this year, hopefully closer to home.

If you’re interested though, tickets are still on sale (the show is at the Long Beach Terrace Theatre on Saturday, February 27th, 2010), and it is for a good cause, and you can’t go wrong with a Mraz-Bushwalla show.

I don’t wanna wait no more,


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