Jason Mraz Takes Over Hulu.com

It’s one thing to see the little notice on Facebook that, “Now you can watch Jason Mraz on Hulu.com! Check out Jason’s Hulu page, where you’ll find all of Jason’s music videos as well as live performances and behind-the-scenes clips.”

It’s another thing to settle in for my lunchtime episode of “Arrested Development” and see this when I get to Hulu:

Mraz on Hulu

Not the best picture I’ve ever seen of him, but it’s still pretty cool that he’s a big enough name to be promoted alongside episodes of “Human Target” and “Modern Family”.

It’s also nice to have so many video clips in one place. It doesn’t have “Yoga to Go” or his “Vs.” tour videos or any of the little homemade videos he’s done and posted on his blog, but it’s a start.

I don’t remember the last time I watched the video for “Remedy”. Who is that young kid in the trucker hat? And, oh my, just look at all those roosters.

This is a dangerous liason,


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