What’s Jason Mraz Doing in 2010?

Hell if I know.

Joseph Gordon-Mraz on SNL

Now then, moving on. I can’t believe I forgot about the People’s Choice Awards last night. Well, I can believe it because I’ve been going in circles and forgetting lots of things lately, but still. I looked at the TV Guide, I saw that there were “Glee” reruns and didn’t really bother to see what else was on.

I did, however, flip around during commercials and at some point saw that the awards were on and even managed to catch Jason’s category, probably using the same Mrazian luck that had me catch the Joseph Gordon-Levitt skit about Mraz on SNL even though I rarely watch the show.

As you probably know by now, Jason didn’t win in the Favorite Male Artist cateogry. Keith Urban did, and that’s ok because I always get a kick out of seeing this Nashville looking guy get up and saunter on stage and then open his mouth and talk like Steve Irwin (May He Rest In Peace).

It was a little surprising because the rest of the awards followed the Teen Choice model, with vampires and Disney acts doing very well, and I would have thought the Tween Twitter crowd would have been more in Jason’s demographic than Keiths, but maybe the Aussies pulled some strings.

If radio play is an indicator, Jason might be having a quieter 2010 than 2009 was for him. I wrote a while back that “I’m Yours” was on almost every morning around the time my alarm went off, but I haven’t heard it in a few weeks now. Instead, there are Mraz-esque songs in its place. I’m talking about Michael Franti’s “Say Hey (I Love You)” and Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister”.

They both have the same beachy, casual vibe, but they haven’t been played thousands of times so they come off a little fresher.

My hope for Jason in 2010 is that he gets a little rest, a lot of free play time to foster his creativity and that we all get to see him live at least once this summer.

Ain’t that Mr. Mister on the radio?


2 responses to “What’s Jason Mraz Doing in 2010?

  • Maureen

    I was very excited to see J has a new song coming out on the “When In Rome” soundtrack…you can pre-order it on iTunes now for a 1/12 release. I can’t wait to hear it! I’m also SO looking forward to his new album he’s working on right now that’s to be released sometime this year. He’s playing a Grammy benefit of sorts on 1/28 at the Wilshire theater (?) in LA. It’s a collaboration with others and I like my Jason a la carte so I think I’ll pass until his next solo So Cal gig.

  • curbsideprophecies

    I hadn’t even heard of this movie when I saw that announcement go out. I like Kristen Bell a lot though, so maybe it will be worth seeing.

    The new song (“Kickin’ With You”) starts out very Jack Johnson, then reminds me a lot of “No Doubling Back”, then just sounds like Jason having a beachy good time.

    I don’t think it will get to be a favorite of mine, but I figure mainstream projects like these keep the record company happy enough that he can go off and grow avocados and do his own musical thing for a while, so it’s all good.


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