Mraz on SNL: Does This Make Him a Household Name?

I was out with friends tonight and on my way home I thought, “This is it. I’ve procrastinated far too long. It’s time to get blogging again.”

Is Toca moonlighting as a Hawaiian guitarist?

Why tonight? Well, earlier today my friend asked if I wanted to join him, his sister and her husband for a concert of Hawaiian music. It sounded like something different to do on a saturday night, so I said yes.

When we got to the venue we were waiting to go in and they asked if I knew anything about this kind of music. I said, “Not really, but I have seen Makana before. Does he count?”

That threw them off.  Makana wasn’t part of this show, but they knew who he was and were impressed that I’d heard of him. I explained that Makana toured with Jason Mraz a few years back as part of the Curbside Prophets tour, and I got a couple of eye rolls, but I told them, “Sorry, but all roads lead back to Mraz.”

(Our YouTube culture is still so new that I can’t find any clips of Mraz and Makana from the 2004 CP tour. Instead, here’s one of them doing “I’m Yours” last year.)

So I got home around 11:45, after a wonderful night of music (including an awesome hour-long performance by Willie K, who could be Toca’s brother from another mother) and thought about writing up the Mraz-Makana-Hawaii connections.

I turned on the tv to keep me company while my laptop was booting up and… what’s this? It looks like Jason Mraz. It sounds like Jason Mraz. It sings like Jason Mraz. But it’s Joseph Gordon Levitt playing Jason Mraz on SNL.

I couldn’t believe it. Has Mraz really become that mainstream? Sure, “I’m Yours” has been on the radio for two years now, but I thought most people still didn’t know his name. But in this skit, not only did they joke about his mellow sound, but also about his avocado farm and his hats. So I guess America is pretty familiar with our Mr. A-Z. (Jason’s buddy, Dave Matthews, also made an appearance in the sketch as Ozzy Osbourne.)

I have to say, JGL did a kick-ass job of the whole thing. He’s done a really impressive job of going from child actor to adult star, and he’s looking really hot.

That’s my story of how a simple evening out with friends turned into a Mraz-centric night of music and sketch comedy. The People’s Choice Awards are coming up in January and Jason is nominated, so I guess we’ll see just how much of a household name he really is.



One response to “Mraz on SNL: Does This Make Him a Household Name?

  • Christina Marie

    Hey, Lisa?
    I have been reading you for years, mostly stumbling upon you as i look up a random picture of the mraz man… and i must say…
    I’m proud.
    I think finally someone is as obsessed as i am, and that’s saying something.
    Since i was in 3rd grade (i’m a junior now), i have been following jason religiously, and i must say never before have i found someone who loves him as much as i (whom i had no influence on in the beginning).
    I think we should talk, because between the two of us, we could write books on this man.
    Find me on facebook or myspace.

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