Jason Mraz Sings on Pancake Mountain, Gets Inked on TLC

Tonight, Thursday, September 17, 2009, Jason is going to be on LA Ink. You can see him getting his most recent tattoo. To be honest, I probably won’t watch this because needles freak me out. If someone else wants to watch and give me the gist of it, that would be great.

Something I can, and have watched, is Jason singing with Rufus, the puppet on “Pancake Mountain”. I’ve never heard of the show before, but it looks interesting. They’ve had some big acts perform for them and I could spend a lot of time on YouTube watching all the clips. But I won’t, because I’m at work, and that would be irresponsible.

Mraz Pancake Mountain

It’s not a love song,


One response to “Jason Mraz Sings on Pancake Mountain, Gets Inked on TLC

  • Maureen

    I could have watched J sing to Rufus over and over again! So adorable. His Sesame Street appearance is supposed to air in November and I can’t wait to see that, too. The “LA Ink” epi with Jason and his posse was disappointing. They were on for less than 5 minutes and you could tell the tattoo artists had no idea who Jason was before he walked into the shop. What a surprise. I love Jason’s “BE LOVE” philosophy though, and try and apply it to my actions every day. He’s an awesome human being. I can’t wait to see him at the Hollywood Bowl on Oct. 10th! He is throwing a free show on the 11th in San Diego and I’m hoping to score tickets to that as well and make it a Mraz weekend…the perfect ending to his Cafe Gratitude tour 🙂

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