Paolo Nutini: Two Degrees from Jason Mraz

A friend of mine called me up last Friday to see if I wanted to go to a Paolo Nutini concert in Oakland on Saturday. I’d heard the name before but didn’t really know anything about him. My friend swore he was my type though, “young, English and kind of like Jason Mraz” so I said I’d go.

Turns out Mr. Nutini is Scottish, not English, but he is young and I think if you like Mraz, you’ll probably like him too. He’s a little bit folk, a little bit swing, a little bit Dixieland, a little bit soul… there’s really no one way to describe him. He’s also got a sort of raspy thing going, like James Morrison. I’ll bet they’d be fun to see together.

paolo_nutiniWatch Paolo Nutini sing “Loving You”

Or, watch Paolo Nutini sing “Rewind”

Jungle Book fan? Check out his cover of “I Wanna Be Like You”

The direct connection from Mraz to Nutini was the opening act on Saturday. I walked in and though, “Gee, that blonde looks familiar. And there’s something in her whiny little girl voice that I’ve found annoying before.” It was Anya Marina, who I saw at Jason’s show in Jacksonville last December. I don’t get her, but she seemed to have a few fans up near the stage.

Mostly I just thought it waw funny how I can tie so many things back to Mraz, even when I’m not trying. Or maybe I can tie everything back to Scotland. Ever since David Tennant became Doctor Who, sexy Scottish men seem to be everywhere.

Just give me some candy,


2 responses to “Paolo Nutini: Two Degrees from Jason Mraz

  • Teri

    LOL “there’s something in her whiny little girl voice that I’ve found annoying before” – my friend and I had the same “can the whiny chick music be over now?” thought during whoever it was that opened for Mraz in Berkeley last year. It continues to puzzle me that he really seems to like his whiny chick openers, when I so love his music but so hate whiny chick music. Guess it’s just another thing that makes him hard to categorize.

    And the thing that turned me on to All Things Scottish now and forevermore: Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series – took sexy Scots to a whole new level, and why when Franz Ferdinand & Paolo Nutini came on the scene I thought “of COURSE I dig you – you’re Scottish!”

    To the Ladies of Lallybroch,

  • MB

    funny, i agree that they are similar. not that they sound anything alike, but they are two young, talented and improvisational troubadors. I prefer Mraz, but that is just my taste (i dig the reggae/island slant).

    Living in London, Nutini is getting very popular and no one knows of Mraz, really… yet. I heard I’m Your’s on the radio the other day for the first time, so he is definitely breaking in.

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