Free Mraz Show in San Diego and a New CD / DVD (Not Free)

Jason Mraz: Live from Earth

Jason Mraz: Live from Earth

In the latest email there were two exciting bits of news:

1. “Our last act of gratitude will be a tour-ending show in San Diego on October 11 and… it’s going to be FREE!! Yes, FREE!! We are working with our friends at LiveNation and Ticketmaster on the best way to distribute the tickets, so that all our fans will get a chance at a seat and so that the scalpers don’t hold hostage over our true fans!

We will provide you with all the details next week… but we wanted to make sure you heard it from us first.”

Cool. Of course, it just figures that I’ll be out of the country, so I’ll miss this show and the one in Berkeley, but hopefully some of you will get to these shows and let me know how they go.

2. We are pleased to announce that Jason’s upcoming CD/DVD Jason Mraz’s Beautiful Mess – Live On Earth is now available for pre-sale in the Jason Mraz Online Store! Go here to see the world premier of the trailer!

As long as the DVD isn’t edited to be as choppy as the trailer, I’m very excited about this.

Sunny Side Up, (I’m still listening to a lot of Paolo Nutini.)


One response to “Free Mraz Show in San Diego and a New CD / DVD (Not Free)

  • Maureen

    Okay, so I go online to ticketmaster at 9:58 this morning and refresh the page until the tickets for the San Diego show go on sale at 10:00 sharp…..INSTANTLY SOLD OUT! WTH?? How is that even possible? After hitting the ‘search’ button about 20 times in a row, 3 free lawn seats were available so I scooped them up. Thankfully, I got rad seats at the Bowl for his show the night before. It just cracks me up when I hear “Who’s Jason Mraz?” and yet his shows are sold out literally the minute the tickets go on sale!

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