Jason Mraz on the Today Show

mraz_todayI’m so tired of hearing “I’m Yours” on the radio that sometimes, I’m ashamed to admit, I change the station. I’m sorry, but it’s been almost two years now and they still won’t play any of his other songs, except for “Remedy” and maybe, on a rare occation, “You and I Both”. Nothing new though.

(“Lucky” doesn’t count, because they play that as much for Colbie Callait as for Jason.)

Hearing it live though is still a rush, and I got a kick out of watching so many people in the Today Show audience sing along, including little kids, old people, people in purple wigs, and I think Al Roker even knew some of the words.

He did a fun thing with “Remedy” and there’s also a web-only snippet of him talking about his hats.

I think Jason’s voice is far stronger now than it was a few years ago, even when it sounds a little tired.  It’s gotten fuller or more musical or something. Maybe he’s just more confident as a performer.

If you didn’t catch it, watch Jason now.



One response to “Jason Mraz on the Today Show

  • Maureen

    Hubby set the DVR incorrectly (or so he says!) so I missed seeing it this morning. Thankfully, youtube had the performances posted pretty quickly and Today posted them later on which was great, especially the little Q & A video ‘extra’. Love listening to Jason’s thoughts on life, his hats or whatever else he wants to talk about. He’s awesome. I agree with you on the ‘I’m Yours’ being played to DEATH thing….when I heard it playing on the previews for that horror flick that’s out right now I wanted to gag. I feel like J’s becoming commercialized against his will or something. There’s just so much more to him musically than the general public knows about and it frustrates me because only true fans like us really understand that there’s so much more to him than that! 66 days until the Hollywood Bowl and I can’t WAIT!!!!

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