Back from Comic-Con!

The (Fake) Doctor

The (Fake) Doctor

Hey everyone. Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. First I was all wrapped up in Harry Potter and then I took off for Comic-Con, which was completely amazing.

Rather than re-post all my Comic-Com stories here, I’ll just give you some links. I haven’t written about all of it yet, but here’s most of what I saw and did:

I have to admit that while I love Mraz in a really healthy, upbeat, positive, grateful way, I am obsessed with David Tennant in a pervy fangirl way. I think he’s the goofiest, sexiest most charming man on television, and I think it’s a testament to my maturity and grace that when he was only 20 feet away from me, all I did was scream and grin until my cheeks felt sprained, and I only slightly considered trying to run up and tackle him.

As Bridget Jones says, “Inner poise, inner poise, inner poise.”

I got to touch Nathan Fillion! I'm the drowsy-looking one on the right.

I got to touch Nathan Fillion! I'm the drowsy-looking one on the right.

There was a nice vibe in San Diego, like Mraz was there in spirit. There were a freaking ton of guys, and girls, in Mraz hats. More than I see in San Francisco, I think. And when my plane landed there, the attendant wished everyone a good day and ended with, “Be kind to everyone.”

Did she get that from Mraz? Did Mraz get that from Southwest? Is the kindness bug spreading faster than rumors about who’s going to star in “The Hobbit”? I don’t know, but it was a nice start to my trip.

Lots of Mraz news has passed me by, so for now, check out his series of behind-the-scenes videos on AOL.


One response to “Back from Comic-Con!

  • Lynda

    wow, i need to go to comic con! i absolutely love david tennant. i had thought about this last year but totally forgot about it. i’m glad you had a great time.

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