Jason Mraz: Lucky, En Español

This will make you happy.

There is a new, Spanish version of “Lucky” out there. The part of Colbie Caillat is being played by Ximena Sariñana, a Mexican singer, actress and Latin Grammy winner.

I love Jason’s “La Nueva Belleza” even more than the original “Beauty in Ugly” so I was excited to hear this version of “Lucky”, but it’s not quite the same thing. Jason’s verses are still in English, Ximena sings hers in Spanish, and then they both sing the chorus in Spanish. It’s ok, but not as exciting as “Belleza”.

lucky spanglish

The video has the same cut-and-pasted feel as the song. There’s no new footage of Jason – although I love him in the suit, so that’s alright – they just deleted Colbie and added in Ximena, also standing on a beach looking dreamy and wearing something flowy. The dubbing isn’t too bad, but I had to laugh a little, listening to Jason singing in Spanish while his mouth was moving in English.

It’s pretty brilliant, really, switching out Colbie. The way the video was filmed, with the two of them in such different locations, they could have cute pop sensations all over the world record the female part, stand on a beach, and quickly have a video ready to take the local charts by storm. Jason doesn’t even have to break a sweat, which is good because it sounds like he has enough to be getting on with for this summer’s tour.

You’ll hear the music fill the air,


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