James Morrison Smells Like Teen Spirit

Not that I’ve ever gotten close enough to him myself to find out.

Just found this clip of James Morrison doing Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and couldn’t share it fast enough. James covers a lot of songs well, but this is one that I wouldn’t have expected him to try. I’d love to see it live.

Morrison Teen Spirit

As grateful as I am for Jason Mraz in and of himself, I am especially grateful to him for introducing me to James Morrison.

And Bushwalla.

And the Makepeace Brothers.

And Chocomole.

And regular bursts of the kind of pure joy that you don’t experience much past the age of six when the Tooth Fairy, Santa and the Easter Bunny have all turned out to be not quite what you thought they were, although coloring, running til you fall down and things that glow in the dark are all still really amazing.

Wait, just found this clip. James Morrison is busking for charity – awesome on its own – and he’s singing “Wishing Well”, a song that doesn’t get nearly enough appreciation.

Morrison Wishing Well

I’m falling in love with you,


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