Mraz Tickets on Sale for Ironside Ampitheater

Mraz IronsideThis is really weird. The tour page on as well as the official Ironside Ampitheatersite say that tickets for Jason’s August 28th show go on sale Saturday, June 6th.

Ticketmaster’s website says that the Ticketmaster pre-sale starts Friday, June 5th. I had that date on my calendar.

Today, I saw on Facebook that the pre-sale for this show started yesterday, June 3rd. (Go to for details.) And now I see that a news item was posted on yesterday saying the pre-sale started on the 3rd.

Now, I’m on the mailing lists, I get all the emails with news and tour dates and all that, but if I hadn’t noticed the Facebook announcement, I would have waited until tomorrow to get tickets. I’m feeling a little stressed at how many aspects of my life are dependent on visiting multiple websites a day, checking statuses, texting and tweeting, and being in constant contact with technology.

But at least I didn’t miss out this time.

It doesn’t look like too many people have rushed to get tickets yet. I got pretty good seats and it looks like there’s a lot left. I’m excited for a new summer tour, maybe some new songs, new banter, new hats.

How can you sleep at a time like this?


3 responses to “Mraz Tickets on Sale for Ironside Ampitheater

  • JAX

    Im glad you were able to get tickets!! The pre-sale for this show was listed in the last Jason Mraz newsletter blast that was sent out on monday. Did you get that blast?

    So many different sources to get information! Its challenging keeping up with everything!

    • curbsideprophecies

      Hey Ashley,

      I think I’m on all the newsletters, including one for the UK, but didn’t see anything on Monday about a pre-sale. Spam filter, maybe? Would love it if we could find all the Mraz info in one place. It seems like there are different people updating and his Facebook page, and some news never makes it to either.

      And yes, I’m a copywriter on a user experience team for a massive website, so I guess I’m a little bit pickier about content, useability and consistancy than most people. Still, I’m grateful for all we do get 🙂


  • Maureen

    I NEVER get the blasts!!! Pisses me off royally too, because I register for every freakin’ pre-sale reminder on the damn planet and STILL wind up missing stuff. WTH? Oh well, at least I know I’m not the only one. Grrrrr……

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