Mraz was on American Idol, and I Missed It

Yes, two people sent me messages about it, but WordPress has stopped emailing me when I get a comment on here and I didn’t check Facebook in time to find out and I don’t do the Twitter thing.

James Morrison’s Facebook person sends out updates for everything, almost every day. How does Jason not have someone sending out emails for these types of things? I did get an email that his new shirts are available for pre-sale:


Couldn’t they have thrown in, “Also, Jason is going to be on one of the biggest TV shows of the year, you know, if you’re interested”? No, beacuse the merch people are different from the marketing people and there’s no central person organizing all this information.

Yes, this kind of bad communication happens in my job, a lot. And yeah, I’m a little bitter this week. *Deep breath*

I checked Jason’s blog today to see if he had anything to say about “American Idol”, and he did. Quite a lot. I won’t spoil it for you, other than to say it sounds like he’s finally letting himself enjoy his success a little, which he more than deserves to do.

Obviously, I’m not much of an “Idol” watcher, but I’ve followed it in the news, and the fact that the quiet, sensitive, low-key guy won makes me think this really is the Year of Mraz.

And it’s not even half over yet.


6 responses to “Mraz was on American Idol, and I Missed It

  • Cynthia

    all that aside….How did this happen people? I thought Adam had this in the bag….Oh….my heart hurts!

  • Teri

    Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. In fact, you’re probably lucky to have been spared another ghastly watered down group rendition in which Mraz only had about 4 lines solo (which he did seem to be trying to sing with gusto) and where he got stuck singing the melody and didn’t even get to sing his cool countermelody. You may have enjoyed his barefootedness, but for the most part it made me want to retch.

    My new theory is that he wrote his blog posting after doing a rehearsal run-through of that performance, that he walked off stage horrified when he realized what a cheesy lame arrangement it was but of course would never back out of a commitment so he needed to find a happy mental place where he could feel ok about doing it. It made me so sad that this was an opportunity for millions of people to catch a glimpse of the Mraz we love and it was about as poor a representation of him as you can get. Blurg.

  • Lynda

    yikes, it was such a short performance. even though it was great he was invited i just didn’t like them butchering the song. i did like the new energy he put into ‘i’m yours’. it was the first time i watched the entire show ever. at least it was fun making fun of everything. oh, i did dance when lionel richie sang ‘all night long’. only because jason covered it. 🙂

  • Maureen

    I check Jason’s official website fairly often for the latest scoop but Twitter was the first to break the news to me about American Idol. So I watched. I knew he was only going to sing “I’m Yours” and although it was one of those butchered “group sing” events they’re famous for, I thought J shined as always. It definitely wasn’t a clear representation of him as an artist, that’s for sure, but only his hardcore fans like us know him as much more than just his Top 10 hits, right? No sweat, he looked fabulous in his white blazer and bare tootsies! All that aside, I didn’t watch “AI” at all this season but IMO, Adam was clearly the superior performer. No offense to Kris Allen but he’s no Jason Mraz, no matter how much he tries to sound like him, play the guitar like him or twist his mouth to the side when he tries to sing like him! There’s only ONE Jason and that’s all I’ll ever want or need, thankyouverymuch. Twitter says poor J had a flat tire in the Costa Rican jungle today so let’s send him good juju so he gets back to the States safe and sound…

  • AudMraz

    I agree with Teri. On one of the camera closeups, I thought he was definitely not 100% comfy with doing it (it’s all in the eyes). Anyway, he’s happy now in Costa Rica with the tree frogs.

  • curbsideprophecies

    I finally caught it on YouTube. The little blonde who started out seemed to have trouble keeping up – the song was faster than usual and not everyone has the magical mouth that Mraz does. Other than that, Jason looked serene, like a man who has surrendered himself to the fact that this may not be his ideal rendition of something he created, but hey, life could be much worse. And a few thousand people have covered the song in their bedrooms and posted it on YouTube already, so let’s just have a good time.

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